Child Development

May 23 2022
Games, the Web, and Porn: A Parent's Guide to the Jungle of Digital Childhood and Puberty is the name of a new book by UNYP instructor Michaela Slussareff. Dr. Slussareff teaches in the Communication and Media and Digital Media Arts major, and in the fall will be teaching the History & Theory of New Media class. We asked her a few questions about her new book, and if she lives by the rules... Read more >
April 23 2021
The human mind has been a popular subject of research since ancient times. It is common knowledge that childhood development has a strong influence on one’s personality and behavior in adulthood. The University of New York in Prague has decided to create a new program for students who want to pursue a career in which they can work with children and families. Workers in this field can help a whole... Read more >

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