January 26 2021
Over the past ten years, we have seen the rise of Digital Media Arts as an area of study and work. The heavy use of social media worldwide has created a new demand for creative professionals who understand how to work with text, photos, graphics, audio, and video, using innovative strategies to produce successful digital content.  Why... Read more >
January 22 2021
Previously we have talked about organizing and maintaining a professional-looking online presence for current UNYP students and recent graduates. Now it’s time to get more specific and discuss something that is a stumbling block for many young professionals – your LinkedIn profile picture. As you might know from your Marketing or Digital Photography classes, a good photo... Read more >
December 17 2020
On November 25, the University of New York in Prague welcomed Ondřej Staněk as a guest presenter, with a webinar focused on a very topical subject: Presentations in the Virtual Environment. Ondřej Staněk works as a consultant for speakers who are preparing for international and domestic conferences, helping multinational companies and individuals to present their products and services... Read more >
November 25 2020
Next year the University of New York in Prague will launch three new academic programs in Child Development, Political Science, and Digital Media Arts, within the schools of Psychology, International Relations, and Communication and Media respectively.  UNYP’s student body continues to grow with the addition of new programs year after year... Read more >
November 24 2020
Lona Moutafidou teaches the courses “Poetry and Psychoanalysis” and “Trauma Narratives” at UNYP. Lacan’s mirror stage theory, briefly discussed in this article, forms part of the theoretical components of the “Poetry and Psychoanalysis” syllabus. How does an ancient philosophical allegory intersect with a psychoanalytic concept from the 1960s? How could this inform social media usage?... Read more >


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