November 25 2020
Next year the University of New York in Prague will launch three new academic programs in Child Development, Political Science, and Digital Media Arts, within the schools of Psychology, International Relations, and Communication and Media respectively.  UNYP’s student body continues to grow with the addition of new programs year after year... Read more >
November 24 2020
Lona Moutafidou teaches the courses “Poetry and Psychoanalysis” and “Trauma Narratives” at UNYP. Lacan’s mirror stage theory, briefly discussed in this article, forms part of the theoretical components of the “Poetry and Psychoanalysis” syllabus. How does an ancient philosophical allegory intersect with a psychoanalytic concept from the 1960s? How could this inform social media usage?... Read more >
November 23 2020
These days, all hiring managers look at the social profiles of candidates before making hiring decisions – but they aren’t just looking for obvious cases of bad behavior! In addition, they want to make sure that what they find online reflects well on the candidate as a potential employee. You need to stand out on paper, in person, and online in today’s competitive job market. What’s more, as a... Read more >
October 12 2020
I would like to introduce my readers to art projects that involve the audience in one way or another. Such participatory projects have been gaining more and more ground; we live in times of great social, humanitarian, political, and environmental challenges, and artists have an important role to play in bringing these challenges to the attention of the audience. “Great art is that which... Read more >
October 06 2020
After almost two years of research, careful planning, and collaborative work, UNYP is proud to officially launch a new MA in Strategic Communication, together with the University of Bolton.  If your plans for this academic year have changed due to the decreasing flexibility of travel options, or your employment possibilities have changed, and you are wondering what to do from... Read more >


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