April 21 2020
The faculty of the University of New York in Prague participates in collaborative scientific ventures all over the world. Our educators are visionaries and thought pioneers who provide exceptional instruction, and their research informs their teaching, brings imaginative concepts into the classroom, and motivates UNYP students to achieve the highest results.  Dr. Michaela Slussareff... Read more >
October 07 2019
We often hear business leaders and analytics express disappointment about the unfortunate gap between what students learn at higher education establishments and what they are expected to know to be job-ready. In an age of unpredictable changes and constant evolution in the job market, it is hard to argue that the traditional knowledge acquired during a university degree is still relevant. A... Read more >
September 17 2019
How many of us have a fear of speaking in public?  The word “speaking” is easy enough to understand, but the word “public” is a little more complex in the equation.  Public can be anything from a one-on-one conversation with a friend to speaking in front of thousands at the Rose Bowl. Alhough some theorists believe that the principles of public speaking remain the same regardless of... Read more >
June 20 2019
Ever get the feeling that you are being misjudged as a student? That the cards are stacked against you? That you are being falsely accused of inappropriate behavior? Taking the other side’s perspective into consideration is one key to success. We asked some communication and media faculty about typical differences of perspective on sticky issues between professors and students – their answers may... Read more >
June 19 2019
When making the transition from high school to university education, students are often hyper-aware that they are studying towards a major which could have a huge impact on their future . Combining this awareness with the fact that you may be studying with professors who are already successful in your chosen field, and with a student-educator dynamic that differs radically from high school,... Read more >


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