May 27 2019
Last summer, when visiting family in Canada, I found it rather curious that Grandma was spending a great deal of time alone in a separate room ‘on the internet’. In the beginning it seemed rather amusing: this woman in her mid-seventies, barely computer-literate (earlier during our stay, I gave up after about 15 minutes of trying to explain the difference between a right and left ‘click’ on a... Read more >
February 17 2019
We are proud to announce that the Czech Ministry of Education has granted a ten year accreditation (the maximum number of years permitted by law) to UNYP’s Communication and Media program. This successful accreditation is the result of our commitment to providing high-quality education and creating the best opportunities for our students and alumni. UNYP’s Communication and Media program is... Read more >
Photo by: Honza Mudra
January 10 2019
When choosing between private and public university, one must consider many factors, starting with the price, prestige and forms of studies available. Hospodářské noviny interviewed Martin Pavlíček, the executive director at Havas PR, about his experience at the University of New York in Prague. Martin first received a Bachelor of Communication & Mass Media at the University... Read more >
December 11 2018
I see it over and over again – my students showing up to class in the middle of a personal crisis. Granted, I teach freshmen, so perhaps that should be no surprise. The stress and drama of adjusting to university, compounded by a seemingly chaotic world, without boundaries, defined by an amorphously digital existence – these things weigh heavily on my students. Yet, the one source of comfort... Read more >
November 26 2018
Results of research among students executed by the MEDIAN research agency earlier this year showed that the majority of Czech middle school students have a low level of media literacy.  Their knowledge of how social media and internet search engines work is limited, and almost half are unable to differentiate between paid advertisements and authentic journalism. Despite this... Read more >


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