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May 08 2020
Many young Czechs who are about to graduate from high school are interested in coming to Prague to study at university. Of all cities in the Czech Republic, Prague is the one with the most international universities, as well as the most programs taught entirely in English. But why should you go in for higher education in English, if you could simply ... Read more >
April 07 2020
This year’s pandemic has created significant challenges for people and economies all over the world. The circumstances have put millions of people out of work, because unfortunately many jobs cannot be done from a home office. Of course, a lot of these jobs will come back once we overcome the crisis, but if you... Read more >
February 24 2020
Imagine, for a moment, that you work in human resources. It is your job to process applications and CVs. Now, imagine receiving an email without a subject header. At first you are hesitant, because you are worried that it could be a phishing email, but you decide to take your chances. The email reads, "Hi, I want to apply to be a salesman. I have attached my CV." It is signed, "Bryan". What would... Read more >
April 26 2019
Before artists begin to paint, they may coat their canvas with an earth-tone wash, and outline the basic shapes with raw umber, yellow ochre, and titanium white. This first step, known as the "under-painting", leaves the artist with an outline of no intrinsic artistic value. However, this step does allow them to overcome the intimidatingly white canvas and better see the directions that... Read more >
March 08 2019
A passion for reading could be a good enough reason on its own for getting a degree in English Language & Literature. However, when choosing what to do after high school, it is crucial to consider your future employment options. What can you do with a degree in English Language & Literature? Some English majors prefer to explore careers that are not usually associated with English studies... Read more >


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