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March 08 2019
A passion for reading could be a good enough reason on its own for getting a degree in English Language & Literature. However, when choosing what to do after high school, it is crucial to consider your future employment options. What can you do with a degree in English Language & Literature? Some English majors prefer to explore careers that are not usually associated with English studies... Read more >
December 11 2018
I see it over and over again – my students showing up to class in the middle of a personal crisis. Granted, I teach freshmen, so perhaps that should be no surprise. The stress and drama of adjusting to university, compounded by a seemingly chaotic world, without boundaries, defined by an amorphously digital existence – these things weigh heavily on my students. Yet, the one source of comfort... Read more >
November 22 2018
"A work of art, of literature especially, and a poem, in particular, addresses a man tête-à-tête, entering with him into direct - free of any go-betweens - relations." Brodsky, J., (1987). Uncommon Visage.  UNYP considers community life to be one of the cornerstones of the education it provides. Joining our student clubs is the best way to make friends, have fun and take part in... Read more >
October 30 2018
As a professional writer, I work with language and words all day. First, when I write outlines and notes, then writing the first draft, and finally, when I proofread and edit. I work mostly in the Czech language, but I have also written many articles and papers in English. I am an active English speaker and I hold an English language certificate, so when the question of translating my books into... Read more >
October 29 2018
Communication and Media scholar Jakub Guziur’s latest book is entitled, ‘Ezra Pound in Contemporary (Post) Culture: Images of the Modernist in Artistic Media’. The book consists of a set of essays related to deconstructing images of Pound in the media from the 1950s to the present day. Dr. Nesbitt, Dean of the School of Communication and Media, spoke to doc. Guziur about the significance of Pound... Read more >


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