March 13 2013
Eric Zencey, State University of New York, Empire State College Mentor, went to Bhutan to take part in the ongoing work of a UN group convened and chaired by Bhutan’s prime minister, Jigme Thinley.  We are pleased to publish the story about his trip to the top of the world, written by himself. The morning of Monday January 28th , 2013 found me in a window seat on a Drukair flight from Delhi to... Read more >
March 13 2013
The end of February brought us the death of Stepháne Hessel, one of the main ideological proponents of the movements of “outraged” citizens questioning the implementation of the democratic ideas in our contemporary societies. It is curious to see how someone born in the first quarter of the 20th century could inspire and connect so many young people. Stepháne Hessel defied the conventions that... Read more >
March 13 2013
Chinese calligraphy is the art of Chinese writing as well as the main expression of the Chinese identity, and thus the key to understanding the Chinese people. The discipline of Chinese calligraphy brings both physical and spiritual benefits. We are pleased to publish this story, written by one of our UNYP professors, Natasha Sutta, where she describes her journeys to learn the secret of the... Read more >
March 12 2013
HR Manager Michaela Škodová and HR Recruitment Leader Michaela Kubalová were to present BlueLink International CZ and the special review on "How to find a job." Read more >
March 07 2013
University of New York in Prague took first place with an unemployment rate of zero percent, along with other 3 private colleges. The table shows that graduates of UNYP have, after graduation, a place in the labor market, for sure. Read more >


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