February 06 2013
A team of our Business Administration students won the Czech Republic round of the CFA Institute Investment Research Challenge competition. The students in the team are: Jiří Sýkora (American BS), Anna Richtrová (European BBA), Petr Rieger American BS), Martin Konop (American BS) and Radek Musil (European BBA).  The team will be officially awarded during the CFA Society Forecasting Dinner 2013... Read more >
February 05 2013
Mr. Tair Bitenbayev, the Attache of Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, has visited the University of New York in Prague on January 23rd and had a meeting with the Rector, the General Manager and other members of the UNYP administration. The discussion focused on the growing interest for UNYP programs shown from students coming from Kazakhstan and the challenges and... Read more >
January 21 2013
Management of University of New York in Prague had the pleasure to congratulate two winners of the competiton "Key to the study".   Under Article V. of the Rules „Key to the study“ on 31.12.2012 in the presence of the rector of UNYP, Mr. Andreas Antonopoulos, the legal advisor Mr. Thanassis Pantazopoulos, and the General Manager Mr. Sotiris Foutsis, a raffle took place.  The General Manager of... Read more >
January 18 2013
Electronic publication is nothing new and certainly nothing  recent. All important newspapers today have their own websites and web editions, and issues can be downloaded into e-book readers, smartphones or tablets. Some newspapers in the world have already stopped coming out in the paper format because it was no longer profitable. The same thing is true about book publication, in which I, as a... Read more >
January 18 2013
For those who think that financial system reform, either in the U.S. or in the Eurozone, has made the financial system safer, an article has been published in the February issue of the Atlantic which should dispel any illusions. See - What’s Inside America’s Banks? byFrank Partnoy and Jesse Eisinger ( ). The... Read more >


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