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April 07 2021
In order to live a healthy lifestyle, it is important to do physical exercise on a regular basis. A healthy body will help you concentrate on your studies and live your best student life. Of course, we could suggest that you go to the gym – but we feel that this is too obvious and boring! Here are some of the most exciting disciplines to pick up while you are studying at UNYP. ... Read more >
March 26 2021
The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) is partnering with Czech Floorball to broadcast the upcoming Livesport Superliga playoffs. This cooperation will improve the quality of broadcasts from the Czech Republic’s most elite floorball league, and additionally bring the playoff matches to the Czech Television (ČT) HbbTV platform.  “We have done a lot of work on streaming floorball... Read more >
April 17 2020
It is not unusual for students to switch institutions after their first semester, or even after a full year of study. Sometimes it takes time to find the right program, especially when you strive for quality education that will allow you to unlock your full potential. For this blog post, we talked to Michal Pažák, the captain of the Slovak National Floorball Team and an ... Read more >
September 09 2019
Behind every sports tournament and championship, whether local or worldwide, you will find skilled management professionals hard at work. Athletes are the stars and the face of sports organizations, but it is the managers behind the scenes who keep sports running as a viable business. Most people think about the sports industry in terms of the games, lives, and careers of professional athletes,... Read more >
UNYP cooperation with Sparta continues
June 12 2018
University of New York in Prague and Sparta Praha Floorball Club have prolonged their partnership for the upcoming two seasons. UNYP will remain the Official Partner of the U17, U19 and Male Elite teams and this year and will take the partnership to the next level by taking over the well-known Czech youth tournament previously known as G2 CUP. The tournament has been officially renamed UNYP CUP... Read more >

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