December 11 2016
The winter exams are upon us. As University of New York in Prague students prepare for their Final Exams of the Fall Semester, we wanted to give you a few tips to help with your studying. With much of the world preparing for a fortnight of fun and festivities, it might not seem the ideal time to pull out those text books and cram into the early hours. That's why we've prepared this... Read more >
December 02 2016
When you study abroad, there are times when you’ll find yourself opting for a holiday getaway instead of the familiar hometown celebration. Why not? Part of the reason you decided to study in Prague in the first place was to experience rich cultural traditions of other countries. Whether you're studying Business Adminsitration or Communications & Mass Media, everyone needs a change of... Read more >
December 02 2016
Before November was over, the garlands were going up and the holiday decorations were appearing in store windows. Sometimes, the best part of studying abroad is witnessing a familiar holiday through a new cultural lens. Here’s a look at some of the best, and most interesting holiday events in Prague.  Christmas Markets By far, the biggest appeal of Prague during the holiday season... Read more >
July 19 2016
When it comes to deciding between a public and private university, there has always been a huge and quite passionate discussion when in reality we should ask ourselves – why even? All the reasons why private universities are a far superior choice are there for all of us to see – sometimes we’re just blindfolded by the fact that public education is viewed as ‘traditional’ and the fact that it is... Read more >
July 15 2016
Most of us (and if you’re reading this, it’s very likely to be your case) have been growing up alongside teachers since before we can remember. And precisely, who remembers their first teacher? Or even half of the rest of the ones we’ve had throughout our lives? With so little gratitude to the profession, why do people choose teaching as a career? We’re here to answer that question in 6... Read more >


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