TOP 5 Prague events of this summer

The summer holidays are a period when you – as a student studying abroad in Prague – have a great opportunity to sample more of the specific local culture. Check out the five top events of this summer you should by no means miss whilst in the Heart of Europe!

1. Exhibition of Charles IV

If you should know one single person from Czech history, it is definitely Charles IV. Why? Karel IV, (Charles IV in English), the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Bohemia is often known as 'the father of the country'. Ever heard of Karlův most (Charles Bridge), Karlovo náměstí (Prague Quarter nearby UNYP campus), Karlova Univerzita (Charles University) and many other significant places including St. Vitus Cathedral? These were all built under his auspices.

Moreover, as 2016 is the 700th anniversary of Charles’ IV birth, the National Gallery is hosting a unique exhibition dedicated to this extremely influential figure in Europe’s political and cultural history. Apart from admiring the treasures you can easily follow in Charles IV’s footsteps, appreciate his royal architecture and art, visit scientific symposia, workshops, theater plays and musical performances. Quite appealing, isn’t it? 

TIP: Pay tribute to the Emperor and use your student ID card to get an entrance fee discount. 

2. Prague Folklore Days 

This July the Czech capital hosts the truly enchanting 'Prague Folklore Days'. The biggest international folk festival in Central Europe will be held from the 28th to 31st of July in the heart of Prague, in the Old Town square. Both professional and amateur folk ensembles will celebrate their traditions and heritage through the wearing of national dress, singing, and dancing.  

TIP: For a proper cultural experience, do not forget to taste local beer and food! 

3. Bohemia Jazz Fest 

In the mood for some special music? One of the greatest open-air jazz festivals takes place in the middle of July, touring seven different Czech cities. Prague will host the artists in the Old town square on the 11th and 12th of July. You can enjoy quality jazz, a thrilling blend of blues, funk and world music – wait for it – entirely free of charge. 

4. Rio 2016

The Summer Olympic Games are the most anticipated event of 2016. Do not get upset if you could not make it to Brazil this year because Rio will be coming to Prague. Cheer for your country from the heart of Europe – watch Rio 2016 from the Wenceslas and Old Town squares or beer gardens like Letna or Reigrovy Sady. 

TIP: The best way to experience Czech national pride is by watching – for free – the Olympics in the Old Town Square, just a stone’s throw from UNYP campus. The atmosphere is unforgettable and you dare not miss the moment when a Czech medal-winning athlete drops by to greet their fans on their return! 

5. ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup 

Should you wish to get up close and personal with one of the world’s top sports, you will find the 4th ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup well worth a visit.

During the first days of September, Prague will be hosting the breathtaking water sport where canoeists have to make it through an extremely tough 300 m white water rapid. The World Cup takes place in Troja and the visitors get to stand just a few meters away from the water pipes, being able to feel the rush of adrenaline and splash of water.

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