UNYP Entrepreneurship Center: The Story of Geosense.cz

Event Date: 
20.11.2014 -
18:30 to 19:30

If they had decided not to study MBA at UNYP, they would probably never have met and or started their business. Here is the story of two successful UNYP graduates...

"Ladislav Capek and I started our MBA at UNYP in 2008.  We met interesting people, both students and teachers, which was one of my most important personal reasons for starting to study MBA. It was about meeting people. We, the two founders of our company, met during the UNYP MBA program, and after a couple of months we found out that we had a similar view of business and that we both wanted to start something new. We found that we had common ideas regarding business and Ladislav had an idea in his mind to start an IT company in the field of geoinformation. I liked the idea (because I love maps) and in 2009 we started to take this seriously. At the end of 2009, we both quit our jobs in multinational companies and we founded a company called Geosense s.r.o. (www.geosense.cz) in December 2009."

Come and join us for this contribution for Global Entrepreneurship Week at UNYP!

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