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IT Services

UNYP students can use more than 60 computers located in two PC labs and in the Library. The computer facilities are open all day and at weekends.



The University of New York in Prague Library is centrally located on the 1st floor of Londýnská 41, and has over 16,000 books, periodicals, and audio/visual materials Online library resources are available to all UNYP students through the ProQuest 5000 International set of databases.



The UNYP Café is located on floor -1. We serve a delicious range of salads, hot panini, pasta dishes and fruit – plus plenty of coffee! With a choice of indoor or outdoor seating, you’ll have plenty of room to relax, study and socialize. Check out our Facebook page for the latest opening hours, menu and price lists.


Entrepreneurship Center

Small business continues to be a powerful driving force behind every economy. Entrepreneurs are valued members of our society, creating much of the innovation and change needed in dynamic market places as well as contributing significantly to employment growth. At the University of New York in Prague, we are working to encourage this entrepreneurial spirit in multiple ways.


Academic Writing

The academic writing program at UNYP is comprehensive, reflecting the vision to prepare students for a high level of university writing and beyond. This includes composition courses for the development of excellence in writing essays, research papers, journal articles and academic theses.


Writing Lab

The Writing Laboratory (WRL), located at Belgická 40 on the 4th floor, is committed to helping students attending the University of New York in Prague to become better writers across the academic curriculum. The WRL works with students at undergraduate and graduate levels, and at any stage in the writing process. 


Counseling Center

UNYP Counseling Center is available to help our university students by providing confidential free psychological counseling for various mental health issues, and is run externally by The City Practice. To cope with the pressure and expectations that come with student life, the Counseling Center provides individual counseling, seminars, and workshops to support students in their academic and personal lives.


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