Vartan Agopian

Ph.D. candidate, Charles University, Prague
M.A.,Charles University, Prague
M.A.,Haigazian University, Beirut
B.A., summa cum laude, Haigazian University, Beirut

Vartan Agopian is currently completing his doctoral work in the Faculty of Education, Department of Music at Charles University in Prague.

Driven by a passion for music and psychology, Vartan Agopian has always strived to combine the two. Aside from being a concert pianist, Vartan Agopian has worked as a school psychologist for five years and has taught psychology at the high school and university levels. 

His first master’s was in school psychology, with a research on the relationship of performance anxiety and social phobia among music students. His Ph.D. research is on the role of self-regulation and self-efficacy in self-evaluation and improved performance.

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