Graduation: Communication & Mass Media, class of 2017
Career: Business owner, MÁDO Concept Boutique

Could you briefly tell the story of MÁDO BOUTIQUE?

I have always been interested in the fashion business. I previously worked as a stylist for fashion photo shoots for magazines and as a designer’s assistant at the London Fashion Week, so the idea of opening a fashion clothing store has always been on my mind. After I graduated from UNYP, I started working on a business plan, as well as my own unique conceptual ideas. With the help of my mom and my sister, I developed a strategy, a philosophy, and a set of features that would distinguish MÁDO from the competition.

The idea behind the MÁDO concept boutique is to provide our clients with an exclusive selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories that are new to the Czech market, from both up-and-coming and well-established brands. All of the collections are limited.

We opened our first brick-and-mortar store in 2018. The MÁDO concept boutique is now located in the heart of Prague at Králodvorská 1, Praha 1. It is our first store, our flagship store, and hopefully we will expand.

Have your studies in communication helped you with building your business?

Without a doubt – yes. A significant portion of running a business involves daily communication with customers, suppliers, brands, employees and the like, so effective communication is a key component to success; it is a vital element in my business as I need to communicate with a wide variety of people. Clear and concise communication allows for effective collaboration, meeting deadlines and expectations.

Dressing is itself a type of non-verbal communication, and we encourage our clients to express themselves through clothes while helping them to feel comfortable, confident, and of course happy.

Moreover, the marketing, PR and advertising skills that I have obtained at UNYP have been very useful and practical.

Why did you decide to join UNYP for your bachelor studies?

Mainly to study a Communication and Mass Media major with the opportunity to study abroad in English in a multicultural environment that would positively affect my self-development and improve my communication skills. Additionally, I had heard a lot of positive feedback about UNYP and its instructors who are professionals with great experience, which I can confirm now. The classes were useful and engaging with interesting projects, which I really enjoyed!

What challenges do you face in your business endeavors?

There have been quite a lot of challenges along the way. Of course, the biggest recent challenge has been the pandemic. With the global shutdown of economies and the increase in online shopping, we decided to quickly adapt and launch MÁDO’s e-commerce website, so we can continue serving our customers.

What are your plans for MÁDO BOUTIQUE in the future?

We are planning on expanding, and hopefully we will open another MÁDO concept boutique for both women and men. I would really love MÁDO to grow and develop in all possible directions, perhaps even making clothes under our own MÁDO brand. I am excited to see MÁDO’s expansion plans materialize…so let’s keep working 😉

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