Graduation: Bachelor of Communication and Mass Media, class of 2005
Career: Managing Director, Ausch Real Estate

Patricie Noemi Auš (32) is the owner of Ausch Real Estate, a broker and investment consultant focusing on quality, luxury properties. In spite of her childhood dream to become a doctor, she achieved a Bachelor of Communications & Mass Media with a specialization in PR at the University of New York in Prague. Her life is full of dramatic twists, but there is one thing she remains true to under all circumstances: an honest approach to herself and to everything she does.

She is also grateful to UNYP.

”The school taught me to pay attention to details and little things, because that’s where the difference lies between you and somebody else. The mechanism of my work is the same as in most real estate companies. What is different is my personal, human approach to clients and the fact that I care what will happen after the sale is over,” Patricie confesses.

She claims she likes to do things her own way and has a problem with authorities, and with completing assignments she does not believe in. UNYP’s study style suited her. «The school was very practical. Everyone had a chance to personally develop there and focus on things they were really interested in. I felt a spirit of voluntariness there; we were not forced into anything.»

As her biggest success, Patricie considers that she is able to manage her company the way she does, and the positive feedback from her clients confirms that she does it well. The work style she chooses is demanding, because she spends a lot of time with her clients, more than is usual for brokers, and personally watches over all commissions. But it gives her satisfaction and a feeling of significance, which are fundamental in her life.

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