Graduation: MBA in Information Technology, class of 2011
Career: Co-founder and CEO at IP Fabric

How would you describe IP Fabric to someone who does not work in IT?

We develop a highly focused deep-tech product, so there is no easy way to simplify it. We specialize in network simulations, ensuring the security and reliability of network operations.

If I can use an analogy, our product is akin to a building safety inspector, ensuring that the whole building does not collapse in on itself because of some rusted rebar.

What is the next goal with IP Fabric?

Our next goal is to continue our tremendous growth performance and to scale up the team to support this growth, especially our expansion into the United States.

Why did you decide to join UNYP for your MBA studies?

I’ve always had ambitions of starting my own company, and I wanted to become familiar with all aspects of running a business.

How did the MBA degree from UNYP help you to create this startup project?

The program really covers all aspects of business, so it provided a solid foundation to build upon. In some cases, the knowledge was absolutely crucial, especially in accounting. I’m constantly hearing comments from investors that they’ve never seen such pristine financial accounting from a company at such an early stage.

How do you stay in touch with the UNYP community?

Through the Alumni Office and Mr. Antonopoulos. It’s always a pleasure to participate in his classes and meet new students and entrepreneurs!

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