Seven Outstanding Ways to Overcome Failure and Succeed

No matter how hard we may try, no matter how prepared we believe we are, and no matter how much support we have, things do not always work out as planned – it’s a cliché, but we really can’t win‘em all. However, many of us find these failures both personally and professionally distressing. It can […]

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Understanding Racial Theories: A Discussion with Dr. Brandon on his New Book

At a time when conversations about race and science are resurging, the work of Dr. Mark Andrew Brandon, a professor at the University of New York in Prague, stands out. Dr Brandon’s new book, “The Perils of Race-Thinking”, critically examines the life and ideologies of Aleš Hrdlička (1869-1943), a 20th-century anthropologist with controversial views on […]

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AI is coming

This academic year, 2023-24, is one which will be marked by the presence of artificial intelligence in our classrooms. There is an imminent and very real threat of the illegitimate use of generative AI tools in academia, breaching the rules and principles that set the standards of honest behavior in educational institutions. All reputable academic […]

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From MBA Alumni to Pizza Entrepreneurs — The Journey of Third Coast Pizza

As entrepreneurs, UNYP alumni are truly second to none. Today, we are thrilled to feature a spotlight interview with the creative minds behind Third Coast Pizza, an American pizzeria that has become a local sensation in the Czech Republic. The three American expat founders (Ross VanSlambrouck, Cameron Hawes, and Michael Rogers) stand out as a […]

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‘Does Anyone Know I Own a House in Charlottesville?’

Epideictic speeches are part of the performative repertoire of any political leader, and are used in a wide range of situations; for example, to celebrate an Olympic team’s sporting success or important anniversary, or to commemorate a public tragedy such as a plane crash or mass shooting. The paper recently published by Tess Slavíčková critically […]

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Factors impacting job satisfaction of workers in the Czech Republic

Ondřej Dvouletý published a comprehensive study of of the drivers of job satisfaction of workers in the context of the Czech Republic. Analyzing the data of 12,699 Czech-employed individuals, as available in the Labour Force Survey (EU LFS), the study concluded that job satisfaction is significantly related to several different factors, and the highest levels of […]

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How does commuting impact life satisfaction?

Dan Šťastný coauthored a study investigating the impact of commuting on the life satisfaction of inhabitants of Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic between 2019 and 2021. The results of this study can serve as an incentive to promote certain types of transportation both on a personal and public level. The apparent recommendation which can be […]

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Bachelor of Psychology at UNYP: A Student’s Perspective 

Introducing Harshita Hooja, a recent graduate from the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), where she earned her Bachelor’s in Human Development with a focus on psychology. As she transitions to a Master’s program, Harshita offers insights into her unique educational journey. This spotlight article delves into her experiences, aspirations, and the valuable advice […]

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Dive into a World of Learning at UNYP: Preparing Students for a Global Journey

At the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), academic endeavors and global exposure go hand in hand. English isn’t just a subject at UNYP—it’s the medium that bridges cultures and futures. Mastering the Universal Business Language: At UNYP, English is more than just a course—it’s a full immersion. Beyond classroom instruction, students are poised […]

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Research Faculty Recent Honor

In June 2023, the Psychology School Research Lead, Dr. Edel Sanders was appointed a lifelong Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. The Oxford website notes that: «The Fellows are appointed for their outstanding contribution to the field of animal ethics worldwide… The process of selection is rigorous, painstaking, and frequently lengthy, and individuals […]

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