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Is the European consumer transformed in the homo responsabilus?

The newest Scopus publication of Dr. MacGregor Pelikánová address the fact that the EU is aware that advancement of  sustainability via the multi-stakeholder model is feasible only with the active involvement of all stakeholders, including European consumers. Consequently, the EU policy and law pendulum has swung from the state, government and businesses to consumers, i.e. the […]

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Interview with Tanu Muino

Ms. Nataliia Bogachova, a member of Association of European Journalists, published an interview with Tanu Muino, a well-known music video director, who has become an international phenomenon creating music videos for global music stars.  Born in Odesa, Ukraine, Ms. Muino has received an MTV Video Music Award and was nominated for Grammy while working with […]

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HLTV esports ranking system

This study coauthored by V. Kotrba examines the validity of the HLTV esports ranking system used for ranking teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Results indicate that the HLTV ranking system effectively predicts CS:GO match outcomes, showing a reasonable level of explanatory power. Notably, as CS:GO rankings decrease, the study reveals a diminishing difference in […]

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Collecting fashion items

Ms. Nataliia Bogachova, who is a member of Association of European Journalists, published an interview with an acclaimed collector and fashion historian whose collection was used for an exhibition Fashion Paradox in Prague’s Museum Kampa that opened in summer 2023 and lasted until November, 15, 2023. The publication focuses on the nature of collecting, the […]

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Corporate social responsibility and employer branding – the wine sector

Based on the bibliometric analysis, the article coauthored by M. Šikýř aims to identify areas of scientific research in which the issue of CSR is addressed within the issue of employer branding (EB), with a focus on the wine sector. The findings confirm that the issues of CSR and EB have not been given enough […]

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The nature of project management was found in nature!

Karolina Machackova just published a comparative study with university students which was implemented outdoors. Work breakdown structure, the Critical Path Method, resource management, planning, manipulative business practices, and the role of team members were demonstrated in parallels with bees, ants, bumblebees, wolves, zombie mushrooms, squirrels and orangutans. Experimental intervention has led to higher points scores […]

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Factors impacting job satisfaction of workers in the Czech Republic

Ondřej Dvouletý published a comprehensive study of of the drivers of job satisfaction of workers in the context of the Czech Republic. Analyzing the data of 12,699 Czech-employed individuals, as available in the Labour Force Survey (EU LFS), the study concluded that job satisfaction is significantly related to several different factors, and the highest levels of […]

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How does commuting impact life satisfaction?

Dan Šťastný coauthored a study investigating the impact of commuting on the life satisfaction of inhabitants of Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic between 2019 and 2021. The results of this study can serve as an incentive to promote certain types of transportation both on a personal and public level. The apparent recommendation which can be […]

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