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Interview with Tanu Muino

Ms. Nataliia Bogachova, a member of Association of European Journalists, published an interview with Tanu Muino, a well-known music video director, who has become an international phenomenon creating music videos for global music stars.  Born in Odesa, Ukraine, Ms. Muino has received an MTV Video Music Award and was nominated for Grammy while working with […]

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Accounting Science

Accounting and Accounting Science have a very interesting history reflecting many aspects of our civilization and bringing a new light in the unjustly unpopular arena. The need to standardize and communicate financial and non-financial information about a business or other enterprise to internal as well as external stakeholders has led to different conceptual and practical […]

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Collecting fashion items

Ms. Nataliia Bogachova, who is a member of Association of European Journalists, published an interview with an acclaimed collector and fashion historian whose collection was used for an exhibition Fashion Paradox in Prague’s Museum Kampa that opened in summer 2023 and lasted until November, 15, 2023. The publication focuses on the nature of collecting, the […]

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‘Does Anyone Know I Own a House in Charlottesville?’

Epideictic speeches are part of the performative repertoire of any political leader, and are used in a wide range of situations; for example, to celebrate an Olympic team’s sporting success or important anniversary, or to commemorate a public tragedy such as a plane crash or mass shooting. The paper recently published by Tess Slavíčková critically […]

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Foundations of Global Communication

Global communication is something that we tend to take for granted. It is not only a compulsory course in the Communication and Media major, but also a term that has become a more or less household word. Using it does not tend to raise many eyebrows, or cause confusion. Everyone seems to understand what is […]

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