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Interview with Tanu Muino

Ms. Nataliia Bogachova, a member of Association of European Journalists, published an interview with Tanu Muino, a well-known music video director, who has become an international phenomenon creating music videos for global music stars.  Born in Odesa, Ukraine, Ms. Muino has received an MTV Video Music Award and was nominated for Grammy while working with […]

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Universities Should Lead on the Plant-Based Dietary Transition

In the Lancet Planetary Health, Edel Sanders and her colleagues encourage universities to align their on-campus dining options with the latest research on the environmental impacts of food production. In addition to the planetary harms caused by animal agriculture such as the “degradation and overexploitation of ecosystems, misallocation of water and land, risk of pandemics, […]

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Personality, Social Distance and Conflicts

The subjective importance of conflicts and social distance to representatives of otherness as well as the association of both internal and external realities with the Alternative Model for Personality Disorders (AMPD) is shown in our recent study. An excerpt from our conclusion states, “Social distance is related to prejudice and racism and together with conflicts […]

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Personality Correlates of Social Attitudes and Social Distance

Sociologist Emory Bogardus introduced the concept of social distance between groups and subsequently developed the Bogardus Social Distance Scale for measuring social attitudes (1933).  The study coauthored by Dr. Edel Sanders examined the influence of personality on the level of social distance toward certain social groups by using the BSDS scale in addition to the Big […]

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Collecting fashion items

Ms. Nataliia Bogachova, who is a member of Association of European Journalists, published an interview with an acclaimed collector and fashion historian whose collection was used for an exhibition Fashion Paradox in Prague’s Museum Kampa that opened in summer 2023 and lasted until November, 15, 2023. The publication focuses on the nature of collecting, the […]

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Research Faculty Recent Honor

In June 2023, the Psychology School Research Lead, Dr. Edel Sanders was appointed a lifelong Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. The Oxford website notes that: “The Fellows are appointed for their outstanding contribution to the field of animal ethics worldwide… The process of selection is rigorous, painstaking, and frequently lengthy, and individuals […]

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Are happy people all alike?

Dr. Will M. Dennis coauthored a recently published study in which the more general hypothesis that people who share some positive individual-difference trait are more alike than those who do not (The Convergence of Positivity Hypothesis) was tested and supported by empirical evidence. In the article, the authors speculate about why this pattern might exist […]

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