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The last couple of years were key for UNYP and its transformation into an institution heavily focused on research activities and projects. Its faculty members devote a considerable amount of their time to research including publishing and participation in European and international projects. UNYP engages in research collaboration with various international partners as well. 

Iveta Hlouchová

The person responsible for leading UNYP institution-wide research and for developing and managing existing UNYP research portfolio is our research manager, Dr. Iveta Hlouchová. She coordinates research activities and projects with School Research Leads (SRLs), manages relations between UNYP and funding institutions/agencies, and maintains relationships with research partners and potential collaborators and funding supporters. Dr. Hlouchova oversees the UNYP research output database and relevant RIV input, approves individual Research Reward and Support applications, and coordinates as appropriate with the Czech Ministry of Education. UNYP’s research manager also coordinates activties related to research opportunities in the Czech Republic and local region relevant to each UNYP school and organizes research events and conferences at UNYP.  


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