Centre for the Study of Media and Communication (CSMC)

The Research Centre for the Study of Media and Communication (CSMC) at the University of New York in Prague is a hub of academic exploration and investigation in the field of media and communication. The primary mission of the Research Centre is to advance knowledge and understanding of the dynamic interplay between media, communication, and society. Comprising a diverse and distinguished group of scholars, researchers, and industry professionals, the center is committed to conducting interdisciplinary research that addresses pressing issues and challenges in the field.

In addition to its academic pursuits, the Research Centre actively seeks collaborations with industry partners, media organizations, and other academic institutions. By forging these connections, the center aims to bridge the gap between academia and practice, ensuring that its research has real-world impact and relevance.

General areas of research interest include:

  • Political communication
  • Political campaigning/campaign communications
  • New issues/values
  • Communication/media development
  • Media and democratic transition, media and democratization
  • Civil society and media reforms
  • Strategic communication
  • Communication for social change
  • Media effects (cognitive, behavioral, attitudinal)
  • Sociolinguistics

People affiliated with this center

Research lead

JUDr. Radka MacGregor Pelikánová, Ph.D., LL.M., MBA is the Research Lead for the School of Communication and Media at UNYP. She is a prolific writer, academic lecturer and lawyer licensed to practice in the EU and the USA. She has over twenty years of experience as an intellectual property (IP) expert and attorney, fifteen years of experience as an academic lecturer and senior researcher and ten years of business management experience.
Radka has a strong legal, business management and economic academic background from the Czech Republic, Germany, France and the United States, with a prolific publishing history. She graduated from Université Paris XIII-Nord Villetaneuse, Paris, France (1994 – Bachelor’s degree in Law), Charles University School of Law, Prague, Czech Republic (1995 – Magister of Law / J.D. equivalent), Charles University School of Law, Prague, Czech Republic (2000 – Doctorate degree in Civil and Commercial Law), Wayne State University School of Law, Detroit, Michigan, USA (2003 – LL.M. in Corporate and Finance Law), Washtenaw Community College, Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA (2008 – Accounting Certificate) and National American University, USA, in cooperation with the University of New York, Prague ( 2010 – M.B.A.). (…)


Todd Nesbitt
Dean, School of Communication and Media


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