There is no “I” in psychology. You are not alone.

The UNYP Counseling Center is available to help our university students by providing confidential free psychological counseling for various mental health issues. To cope with the pressures and expectations that come with student life, the Counseling Center provides individual counseling, online counselnig, seminars, and workshops to support students in their academic and personal lives.

We can help with

  • exam stress
  • presentation anxiety
  • time management
  • anxiety/depression
  • low self-esteem
  • adjustment to college life
  • culture shock
  • discrimination
  • drug/alcohol problems*
  • eating disorders*
  • other common student-related mental health issues

*support for external referrals provided

Make An Appointment

The link below will take you to our scheduling site where you will find information about each  of our counselors, along with their calendars. The name and e-mail fields are marked as required. You can enter your school or personal email address. Please make sure you write it correctly to ensure that you will receive an email confirmation of your booking. If you cannot make it to the appointment, please use the cancellation link in your appointment confirmation email to help give someone else the chance to come see us.


Belgická 115/40, 120 00 Prague, 4th floor
(Secondary campus of the University of New York in Prague)

Opening hours

Link to elearning


Thank you for using our online scheduling system. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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