Finding your way around

While you’re studying in Prague, you’ll need to be able to get around! Fortunately, Prague is a safe and walkable city, and the public transportation system (MHD) is clean, efficient and affordable. The MHD includes a network of trams, buses, and metro (subway) systems which will enable you to get to every part of Prague quickly and easily.

Maps and information

For in-depth maps of all of Prague and all the Czech Republic, including public transportation, visit or

For information about public transport within Prague, and a route finder with time schedules visit

For travel details and public transport options throughout the Czech Republic visit (please note that you can set it to display in English)

There are also applications to help you commute:

To compare your options, cost and time efficiency you can use Omio.


You need to have a ticket to use the transport system. You can purchase your ticket directly at the metro station from yellow ticket machines, at newspaper stores or by SMS. After purchasing your ticket, you must validate it before using public transportation. There are yellow validating machines in buses, trams, and by metro escalators. Simply insert your ticket and the machine will electronically stamp the date and time. Different types of tickets are valid for different periods of time (usually 30 or 90 minutes).

Monthly passes

If you use public transportation regularly, a pass is good value. A monthly pass costs about 550 CZK (35 USD), but students are entitled to a discount, and pay only 130 CZK (8 USD) for a monthly pass, or about 360 CZK (17 USD) for a three-month pass. Monthly passes are only sold at select Metro stations, including the I.P. Pavlova metro stop near UNYP ( The first time you purchase a pass, you must bring a small photograph of yourself to the ticket counter. (This can be obtained at any one of numerous photo shops in the city for a nominal fee, but be sure to tell them it is for a Metro Identity Card.) They will ask to see your passport and student identity card for verification. You will receive a Metro Identity card along with a monthly (or 3-month) ticket. Once you have your Metro Identity card, you will simply buy a new pass when your current pass runs out.

If you would rather have a plastic transport card or simply have it saved in an app, you will need Lítačka. You can get registered online and receive the card by post or go personally to Škodův Palác (Jungmannova 35/29, Prague 1).

Be careful out there!

Periodically, officials will ask to see your ticket or pass. If you do not have a validated ticket or pass, you will be charged a fine. The metro runs from 5 am until midnight. After midnight, the night buses and trams operate with restricted service, so you won’t have to worry about how to return home after a late night out. Nonetheless, be careful about pickpockets.


If you wish to take a taxi in Prague, the following services are recommended as they have guaranteed tariff prices according to the number of kilometers travelled.

AAA Taxi +420 222 333 222

Modrý Anděl +420 737 222 333

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