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UNYP provides access to various online as well as offline resources to promote research activities of both its staff and students. 

Online resources

  • UNYP has an extensive group of online library resources.  In fact, UNYP is the first university in Czech Republic to offer an English, e-Textbook library, Perlego
  • In addition to the Perlego e-library with more than 400.000 publications, UNYP students also have access to Statista. On top of that, our students can access the ESU online library through our partner university, the State University of New York, Empire State University. ESU online library offers more than 60,000 electronic books and tens of thousands of journals in electronic form. 
  • Currently we also offer a one free course on Coursera to all our students and alumni! 

Perlego (available through e-learning also from home) 
Statista (available through e-learning also from home) 
SUNY Empire Online Library (available only from the UNYP Library – ask a librarian for assistance)
Coursera (available upon request from home) 

Offline resources

  • The University of New York in Prague Library is located at Londýnská 32, just across the street from the main campus, and has more than 13,000 books, periodicals, and audio/visual materials. The UNYP Library remains one of the largest collections of English language books in Prague. You can visit our online library catalog at You will find there all the books the library has to offer with the possibility to check the number of copies, location, availability etc. from the comfort of your home. 
  • Apart from textbooks the library as well has a growing collection of fiction and popular biographies for students to enjoy whenever they want. 
  • In addition to the books and e-resources for students, the UNYP library has 22 PCs including print and go stations, two high-tech project rooms and a large study room available to all students.  
  • The UNYP library is an excellent place to study, work between classes or get together with others to solve group projects!
  • The UNYP library holds many subscriptions to Czech and international publications that students can enjoy passing the time, learn about current events or use for research or homework assignments.  Subscriptions include: Marketing and Media, The Economist, Psychologie Dnes, The Week, Aspen Review, Taiwan Review. 

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