UNYP Launches Six New Bachelor’s Concentrations

The University of New York in Prague is introducing six new concentrations in partnership with the State University of New York, Empire State College, within the Communication and Media Bachelor’s program and the International Relations Bachelor’s program.

New Communication and Media concentrations:

  • Public Relations
  • Media Marketing
  • Multimedia Journalism

New International Relations concentrations:

  • Diplomacy and International Law
  • Conflict and Security Studies
  • Global Governance

These new concentrations will be launched in Fall 2022. If you are interested in these topics and are considering a career in Communication and Media or International Relations, you can apply now. 

Communication and Media

Public Relations

We live in an increasingly interconnected world, where reputations that have been built up in years can be broken with a single social media post. Public Relations has therefore become an essential part of doing business. The courses in this concentration are designed to provide students with the outstanding communication and promotional skills that they will need to manage client reputations and influence media opinion. 

Courses in the Public Relations concentration include:

  • Principles of PR
  • Media Relations
  • Public Speaking
  • Event Management
  • Issue Management and Crisis Communications

Career options with a concentration in Public Relations:

  • Publicist
  • Spokesperson
  • Media relations manager
  • Reputation management
  • Community relations manager
  • Social media relations 

Media Marketing

The Media Marketing concentration prepares students for careers in the fast-paced, creative world of advertising, developing, and selling products. The courses are taught by experienced professionals who have the real-life business experience to teach and share a set of skills that are highly sought after by employers. 

Courses in the Media Marketing concentration include:

  • Introduction to Advertising
  • International Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising Strategies
  • E-Commerce and Marketing Technologies

Career options with a concentration in Media Marketing:

  • Market researcher
  • Copywriter
  • Account executive
  • Social media planner
  • Production manager
  • Creative director
  • Editorial photographer
  • Advertising traffic manager
  • Media account director

Multimedia Journalism

Courses in the Multimedia Journalism concentration include:

  • Intro to Media Writing
  • News Writing
  • Vlogging and Video reporting
  • Podcasting and Audio Journalism

Career options with a concentration in Multimedia Journalism: 

  • Reporter
  • Content manager
  • Technical writer
  • News producer
  • News editor
  • Freelance writer
  • Videographer
  • Podcast producer

“These concentrations allow students the opportunity to go deeper in a special area of interest they might have. This is good news for those who have their minds set on concrete careers in PR, Journalism, and Marketing,” Todd Nesbitt, Dean of the School of Communication and Media.

International Relations

Diplomacy and International Law

The Diplomacy and International Law concentration aims to provide students with a solid understanding of the functioning of diplomacy today, and the role of international law in global affairs. Students will graduate with knowledge and skills in areas that are becoming increasingly important in a globalizing world, and which are essential for many professional careers.

Courses in the Diplomacy and International Law concentration include:

  • Democracy and Democratization
  • European Law
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • War, Peace and Violence in IR

Career options with a concentration in Diplomacy and International Law: 

  • Diplomat
  • Legal consultant
  • Foreign policy analyst
  • Government relations officer
  • International law expert
  • Politics and government (including the EU and UN)

Conflict and Security Studies

The Conflict and Security Studies concentration helps students to understand the changing form of international disputes, and the use of violence in international relations. Students who study this concentration will graduate with the knowledge and analytical skills needed to understand and evaluate risks, and to make decisions which limit the impact of such risks on societies and businesses. 

Courses in the Conflict and Security Studies concentration include:

  • Cybersecurity and New Forms of Warfare
  • Human Security
  • Terrorism and Counter-terrorism
  • The United Nations in World Politics

Career opportunities with a concentration in Conflict and Security Studies:

  • Intelligence analyst
  • Peace expert
  • Security analyst
  • Mediator
  • Risk analyst
  • Lobbyist
  • Governmental officer
  • Security consultant

Global Governance

The Global Governance concentration allows students to become familiar with the latest trends in international affairs, looking at the transformations occurring in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world. Students in the Global Governance concentration will learn about the positive and negative impacts of globalization, while developing skills that will prepare them for careers in which they transform and improve human society.

Courses in the Global Governance concentration include:

  • Regional Studies (Africa, Asia, Latin-American, etc)
  • Environmental Crisis and Global Sustainability
  • Religion in World Affairs
  • The Emerging World

Career options with a concentration in Global Governance:

  • NGO officer
  • International organization worker
  • Think tank analyst
  • Development consultant
  • Environmental specialist
  • Development projects coordinator
  • Policy officer

“Opening three concentrations will allow students more choices in relation to the orientation of their studies and their professional career and that is always something positive. For us, as a school, it gives the opportunity to add new elective courses that increase our already wide portfolio of courses. The concentrations represent three of the most dynamic areas of study in the field of international relations and we are very excited about it”- Óscar Hidalgo-Redondo, Dean of School of International Relations.

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