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So make up your mind already…

Every day we make, more or less voluntarily, an incredible number of decisions, from the absolutely trivial to the essential, and sometimes, among all the pluses and minuses, gains and losses, it sometimes flashes through our heads if we are honestly making decisions according to our hearts and minds, following our inner compass and voice, […]

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Bachelor in Communication and Media: Concentration in Multimedia Journalism

Share your passion with the world on multiple platforms with a Bachelor in Communication and Media with a Multimedia Journalism concentration Multimedia Journalism concerns using multiple platforms to tell stories. The broad range of platforms and media consent available today mean that being successful in journalism means having the flexibility to adapt to different needs […]

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Bachelor in Communication and Media: Concentration in Media Marketing

Prepare for a creative career with a Bachelor in Communication and Media with a Media Marketing concentration There are currently more forms of media than at any previous time in human history, which means that Media Marketing is a complex and multi-faceted field. Traditional print, radio and television marketing still exist, but they have been […]

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Bachelor in Communication and Media: Concentration in Public Relations

Unlock your potential with Communications and Media degree with a Public Relations concentration Public Relations is the business of communication, relationships and reputation. Every organization, no matter how large or small, depends on its reputation to survive and grow, and a company’s good reputation can be its most valuable asset. Using all available media, Public […]

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Bachelor of English Language & Literature

Pursue a Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in English Language & Literature The study of literature not only exercises our skills of interpretation and critical thinking, but also gives us access to the history and ideas that have shaped our world. Take this unique opportunity to study in Central Europe with the University of New […]

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Bachelor of Digital Media Arts

About the Digital Media Arts program The Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media Arts at the University of New York in Prague combines media and communication theory, critical thinking, and innovative technical abilities in order to develop graduates with creative skillsets for today’s technologically-focused and integrated economies. The multidisciplinary program integrates traditional areas of Communication and […]

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Bachelor of Communication & Media

Communication & Media – Know No Boundaries Communication is not only at the core of every industry but at the core of human life. As modern technology continues to evolve, more and more companies seek communication professionals that can help them achieve their goals and foster positive relationships with their publics. A bachelor’s degree in Communications […]

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The value of studying Digital Media Arts at UNYP

The Digital Media Arts program at the University of New York in Prague will develop several essential skills and provide a vital knowledge framework for you within this specific field. For example, the combination of media and communication theory is thoroughly discussed within your studies, and you will upgrade your current skillset with critical thinking skills and […]

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“We have only one option: to educate and talk”

Games, the Web, and Porn: A Parent’s Guide to the Jungle of Digital Childhood and Puberty is the name of a new book by UNYP instructor Michaela Slussareff. Dr. Slussareff teaches in the Communication and Media and Digital Media Arts major, and in the fall will be teaching the History & Theory of New Media class. We asked her a few […]

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UNYP Launches Six New Bachelor’s Concentrations

The University of New York in Prague is introducing six new concentrations in partnership with the State University of New York, Empire State College, within the Communication and Media Bachelor’s program and the International Relations Bachelor’s program. New Communication and Media concentrations: Public Relations Media Marketing Multimedia Journalism New International Relations concentrations: Diplomacy and International […]

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