Seven Outstanding Ways to Overcome Failure and Succeed

No matter how hard we may try, no matter how prepared we believe we are, and no matter how much support we have, things do not always work out as planned – it’s a cliché, but we really can’t win‘em all. However, many of us find these failures both personally and professionally distressing. It can […]

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Bachelor of Psychology at UNYP: A Student’s Perspective 

Introducing Harshita Hooja, a recent graduate from the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), where she earned her Bachelor’s in Human Development with a focus on psychology. As she transitions to a Master’s program, Harshita offers insights into her unique educational journey. This spotlight article delves into her experiences, aspirations, and the valuable advice […]

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Dive into a World of Learning at UNYP: Preparing Students for a Global Journey

At the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), academic endeavors and global exposure go hand in hand. English isn’t just a subject at UNYP—it’s the medium that bridges cultures and futures. Mastering the Universal Business Language: At UNYP, English is more than just a course—it’s a full immersion. Beyond classroom instruction, students are poised […]

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Česká stopa: Czech History in the TikTok Era

At the University of New York in Prague, we’ve always celebrated the innovative minds that grace our halls. Among our diverse community of students, some not only excel academically but also bring unique projects to life outside the lecture rooms. Petr Jirsa, a student from our International Relations program, embodies this blend of scholarship and […]

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TEDxUNYP 2023: Unlocking Sustainability with “Keys to the Future” 

The TEDx platform, renowned for nurturing intellectual discourse by promoting “Ideas Worth Spreading”, is proud to announce the upcoming TEDxUNYP 2023 event. TEDxUNYP 2023 will be held at the UNYP Arena on 21st October 2023. This year’s theme is “Keys to the Future”, with a specific emphasis on sustainability – both for our world and […]

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Perlego Book of the Month: Celebration of discipline by Richard Foster

At UNYP, we understand that finding the perfect book to read can pose a significant challenge. That’s why we have partnered with Perlego, the online digital library service. With the aid of Perlego, UNYP’s students and faculty can access over 400,000 titles across 500 subjects from 2,800 publishers, using, tablets, and smartphone apps. This […]

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Exploring International Law: Insights from the 10th Annual ICC Simulation Competition

The tenth edition of the competition, organized by the International Bar Association and the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies of Leiden University, simulated the operation of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The competition was held between June 2 and 9. After two years of COVID lockdowns that necessitated online participation from students and judges, […]

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Graduation Letter from Sotiris Foutsis to the Class of 2023

Dear 2023 Graduates, on behalf of the entire University of New York in Prague community, I extend my warmest congratulations to you on becoming a graduate of our esteemed institution. During your time at our university, you have been immersed in a nurturing environment that fostered growth, where we encouraged your critical thinking, and instilled […]

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Graduation Letter from the President of UNYP

Dear 2023 Graduates, as I sit down to write this letter, I am filled with a sense of pride, admiration, and hope. Congratulations on reaching this significant milestone in your lives! Today we celebrate not only your achievements but also the boundless potential that all of you have. As you step out into the world […]

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The Power of Your Mind: Discover the new Neuromanagement concentration in the MBA program at UNYP

Unlock the limitless potential of your mind and transform the business landscape with the groundbreaking MBA program at the University of New York in Prague. Offering a unique concentration in Neuromanagement, this program delves deep into the intricacies of human brain function and mental processes, empowering executives to harness the power of neuroscience for unparalleled […]

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