International Teaching Week at UNYP: A Global Academic Exchange

The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) recently proudly hosted International Teaching Week, an event that brought together professors from prime institutions across the globe. This year, we had the honor of welcoming academics from Webster College, Austria; the University of Valencia; European University Cyprus; and IPAG Business School Paris. By hosting such events are fostering international collaboration and offering our students diverse, world-class educational experiences.

International Teaching Week designed to enrich our curriculum and broaden the perspectives of our student body. This unique initiative allows students to engage with cutting-edge topics and benefit from the expertise of international scholars, further enhancing the global dimension of their education.

Our guest professors delivered an array of compelling courses, each addressing crucial issues and trends:

  1. The Challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility: This course explored the evolving landscape of corporate ethics and sustainability, emphasizing the critical role businesses play in society.
  2. Divorce and Its Impact on the Lives of Children: Addressing a sensitive yet significant social issue, this course examined the psychological and social ramifications of divorce on children, providing insights into supporting affected families.
  3. Digital Addiction: In an age where digital devices dominate daily life, this course delved into the patterns and consequences of digital addiction, offering strategies for healthier digital consumption.
  4. Politics of Violence: This course analyzed the complex interplay between politics and violence, discussing various forms of political violence and their impacts on societies.
  5. From Manager to Leader: When Positional and Personal Inner Power Meet: This leadership course highlighted the transition from managerial roles to true leadership, focusing on the blend of positional authority and personal influence.

We will remain steadfast in our mission to provide a holistic and globally-informed education. By hosting International Teaching Week, we will continue to build bridges across academic communities worldwide, preparing our students to become thoughtful, informed, and responsible global citizens.

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