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Impression Millionaires: UNYP Students Final Project Conquers the Web

In a remarkable demonstration of creativity and strategic marketing, two of our students, Matěj and Natálie, achieved viral success with their final project for the Guerrilla & Viral Marketing course. Tasked with creating a music video for the local band Ludens, they embraced the challenge, applying guerrilla and viral marketing tactics to captivate a wide […]

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Discover the World with UNYP

Your Gateway to Global Education and Cultural Immersion At the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), we believe that education is a journey, not a destination. This journey isn’t limited to textbooks and lectures; it’s an adventurous exploration across international borders, diverse cultures, and expansive horizons. With an extensive range of study abroad programs, UNYP […]

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A Vibrant Start to the Academic Year: UNYP’s Orientation Week in Review

As the golden hues of autumn settled over Prague, the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) was abuzz with excitement and anticipation during its annual Spring Orientation Week. Marking the start of the academic semester, this pivotal week offered a harmonious blend of educational sessions, cultural immersions, and social activities, setting a vibrant tone […]

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The Communication & Media Program at UNYP 

Located in the vibrant heart of the Czech Republic, the University of New York in Prague offers a Communication & Media program. This program serves as a nurturing ground for the upcoming generation of thinkers and innovators, adept at navigating the rapidly evolving global landscape.  The program’s standout feature is its dual-degree collaboration with the […]

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UNYP’s Tradition of Community Support

The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) has long embraced a tradition of community support, particularly during the festive season. This year, UNYP continued its tradition by making a donation to Dětský domov Dolní Počernice, a children’s home, as part of its Christmas initiative. The collection drive, held in the university library, saw enthusiastic […]

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UNYP Students Volunteer to Deliver English Lessons for Visually Impaired Children

The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) is proud to announce its new partnership with the Specialized Elementary School for Visually Impaired in Náměstí Míru, Prague 2. This collaboration, initiated in 2023, enables our Psychology Bachelor students to engage in a meaningful community service by leading English Club lessons for visually impaired children at […]

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Highlights from Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences 2023

Last month, the University of New York in Prague hosted a significant event in the field of behavioral sciences: the Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences 2023 (#PCBS23). This year’s conference was particularly notable for featuring Catherine Eckel as the keynote speaker and the laureate of the Allais Memorial Prize in Behavioral Sciences, an honor bestowed […]

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Capturing Dreams: CGE Photo Exhibition Promotes Study Abroad Opportunities

In a celebration of diversity and the endless possibilities that studying abroad offers, the recent CGE Photo Exhibition was a resounding success. This event brought together students, educators, and the community to showcase the beauty of different cultures and share the endless opportunities for international education. The CGE Photo Exhibition was not just an ordinary […]

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AI: An Innovation too Far for Journalism?

Years ago, when I was Bloomberg’s head of breaking news for Central and Eastern Europe, the Powers That Be (alright, the IT department; that’s where the power lies these days, right?) introduced a handy new function that automated headlines and top paragraphs for economic statistics and corporate earnings. With a quick keystroke, the editor entered […]

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Spaced Repetition: the ultimate study hack for university students

We’ve all been there: desperately cramming the night before an exam, only to realize that most of what we ‘studied’ seems to have disappeared from our memory by the next morning. But what if you could be sure of retaining what you learn – not just for the test, but for the long haul? “Spaced […]

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