The value of studying Digital Media Arts at UNYP

The Digital Media Arts program at the University of New York in Prague will develop several essential skills and provide a vital knowledge framework for you within this specific field. For example, the combination of media and communication theory is thoroughly discussed within your studies, and you will upgrade your current skillset with critical thinking skills and innovative technical abilities.

These skills are highly valued in the world of digital media, and essential for your future career.  

The content of the Digital Media Arts course is highly diversified, resulting in a greater focus on foundational and key background knowledge on specific subjects. Core courses in the first two years of the Digital Media Arts program include History and Theory of New Media, Psychology of Technology, Sociolinguistics, Intro to Digital Art & Design, Digital Storytelling, Game Design and Development.

UNYP Digital Media Arts graduates have been given a thorough education and foundation within the field of social sciences. What is more, they know how to work, communicate and develop the real-world skills which are invaluable in the modern world of digital media. They have been familiarized with many tools, technologies and techniques as part of the educational program, and this ensures that as graduates, they have mastery of a wide range of real-world skills.

All of the above may sound good, but at this point you would probably like to know more about the specific employment opportunities for Digital Media Arts graduates. We are happy to confirm that there are countless possibilities in this field, as media and communication have become indispensable in today’s business environment.

Digital media career paths include:

  • Digital media design
  • Multimedia journalist
  • Digital marketer
  • Social media manager
  • Web content developer
  • Photojournalist
  • Interactive artist
  • Digital creative manager
  • Web project manager
  • E-business consultant

Another added value of the Digital Media Arts program is the unique environment in which it is taught. The classes and lectures are based on a purely interactive approach, and our diverse student body and faculty bring a wealth of different cultural opinions and ideas, enhancing the quality of the educational experience.

The UNYP Digital Media Arts program is here to prepare you for the experience of communication in the current digital world. Thanks to the array of cultures which you will get to explore during your studies, this is not true only on the business and corporate level but on a personal one too!

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