Why should you choose a private university?

The Czech Republic offers many opportunities for studies after high school at both state and private universities, so choosing the right university is a challenging task. Many people tend to assume that state universities offer better education, but this is not true. The quality of education does not depend on whether the university is state or private, and in the Czech Republic there are many good universities in both sectors. In this article, we want to look at the difference between state and private universities and talk about the benefits of the private option.

There are currently around 300,000 university students in the Czech Republic, studying at public and private universities. The most common bias about private universities is that they do not offer a good level of education, but this is not the case; many private universities can count real-world practitioners as faculty members. Instead of learning theories from books, students gain their knowledge from their professors’ real-world experiences. Theoretical knowledge can differ from actual practice, and it is debatable which of these approaches will put recent graduates in a better starting position.

Another benefit of studying at a private university is that the student is in the position of a paying customer. This makes it easier for students to make changes at their university, to express their own points of view, and to bring about innovations. 

Do you have activities you want to pursue in your free time? Would you like to work during your studies? If you are studying at a private university, no problem! You can tailor your schedule according to your needs, and most students only study three or four days a week. 

Students at private universities also benefit from better equipment and resources. State universities are funded by the state, so they have less money than private universities. Private universities can afford better computers, facilities, etc. 

We asked some of our UNYP students why they chose a private university.

“When I was choosing a university, I considered its prestige, my future opportunities, the recognition of my diploma worldwide. I think that private universities have more comfortable conditions, as well as professors who care about studying. These things will make you want to study more” – Daniil Usachov, studying Psychology

“After experiencing both private and state universities, I know that I made the right choice staying at a private university. For me, the personal approach is extremely valuable. At a state university, I felt like a small unimportant part of a big education machine. On the other hand, my private university allowed me to study in smaller groups of students, have more space for my opinions and thoughts during classes, and develop better speaking and debating skills. Additionally, the professors and staff of the private university were always willing to help me with anything, making my studies easier and more valuable” – says Petr Jirsa, studying International Relations.

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