Success Stories

Tomáš Kubica

Associate at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR)
"One of the biggest advantages of studying at the University of New York in Prague is that the top 20% of students are far more skilled in teamwork and presentation, and possess more confidence and drive than their counterparts at state universities. Many want to go abroad and are aware they have to work very hard to achieve this. You must decide if you wish to join them."

Monika Hansson Tutter

Management Coach
"The most valuable asset I gained at UNYP was connecting business with education. Studying there gave me insight into the different aspects of business, such as accounting and economics, and gave me exposure to companies that exist in the real world."

Patricie Noemi Auš

Managing Director, Ausch Real Estate
"The school was very practical. Everyone had a chance to personally develop there and focus on things they were really interested in. I felt a spirit of voluntariness there; we were not forced into anything."

Jan Brabec

Managing Director of Investment Banking, Erste Group
"I gained some unique insights and a very different perception of other industries."

Alexander Raiman

Chief Operating Officer, Keastone
Alex Raiman joined Keastone January 1st 2016 as COO, to build out international business operations for the team and support the next round of funding. He met both founders (Keith Adams and Jeff Medeiros) through a seminar he was giving in one of Jeff`s classes roughly two years ago (“Scaling a global SaaS startup.”). They started the conversation, about him potentially joining…

Ladislav Čapek

Founder of Geosense
"In public universities, I feel that students put less emphasis on the quality of education, whereas it seems more important for students in private schools. The teachers were incredibly important at UNYP. In fact, Professor Varley was the greatest teacher I ever had. "

Nela Sotonová

Project Manager at Komerční banka & Founder of Designeros
"Learning in English was a valuable asset for me while studying for my bachelor’s degree. Ultimately, the English proficiency that I gained at UNYP helped me to earn my MBA at FIU in the United States. However, the presentation skills that I acquired helped me the most. We wrote a lot of essays at UNYP, and now, I am able to write articles and emails in English without thinking about them too much."

Dominika Janigová

PR & Marketing manager, Fource Entertainment
"Studying at UNYP gave me a good basis in time management and cooperation with people. The school taught me to understand that different people see things differently, that sometimes somebody can be irresponsible, the importance of tolerance…and this helps me today."

Hana Reader

Regional HR Manager, Zentiva Group
"Only since doing the MBA have I fully understood some of the connections in our business. Among the most useful for me was new knowledge about economics and finance. Such as what P&L is, what a balance sheet is, how to read an annual report, how the stock markets work…,"

Martin Pavlíček

Managing Director, Havas Worldwide Prague
"Some of the biggest benefits of studying at UNYP are the contacts one gains, and the ‘mutually beneficial relations’. Not just with student colleagues, but also with professors. You meet people here from many countries, you learn from each other and this immensely enriches you."

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