Success Stories

Patricie Noemi Auš

Managing Director, Ausch Real Estate
Patricie Noemi Auš (32) is the owner of Ausch Real Estate, a broker and investment consultant focusing on quality, luxury properties. In spite of her childhood dream to become a doctor, she achieved a Bachelor of Communications & Mass Media with a specialization in PR at the University of New York in Prague. Her life is full of…

Jan Brabec

Managing Director of Investment Banking, Erste Group
“My education is complete now.” It’s always interesting to hear about an academic path that deviates from the norm, and Jan Brabec’s story does not disappoint. After dropping out of a philosophy degree in 1992, Jan was swept up in the whirlwind of opportunities created by what he calls the Czech Republic's ‘decade of change’.…

Alexander Raiman

Chief Operating Officer, Keastone
Alex Raiman joined Keastone January 1st 2016 as COO, to build out international business operations for the team and support the next round of funding. He met both founders (Keith Adams and Jeff Medeiros) through a seminar he was giving in one of Jeff`s classes roughly two years ago (“Scaling a global SaaS startup.”). They started the conversation, about him potentially joining…

Ladislav Čapek

Founder of Geosense
Ladislav Čapek is one of the lucky few who understood what he wanted to become since childhood. At 14, Ladislav studied land surveying in high school and has more than 25 years of experience in the business. He studied Geographic Information Systems at the Czech Technical University in Prague and went on to receive graduate…

Nela Sotonová

Project Manager at Komerční banka & Founder of Designeros
Nela Sotonová is an accomplished young woman with more than a handful of experiences. At just 28, she speaks seven languages, has won investor funding for her start-up, Designeros, in Silicon Valley, lived in Singapore while acquiring designers for her brand and helping to establish classes at Hong Kong and Singaporean universities, worked as a consultant…

Dominika Janigová

PR & Marketing manager, Fource Entertainment
The life and career of Dominka Janigová (28) has been influenced by several factors. First, as a five-year-old girl she lived for some time in Paris with her father, professor of mathematics at the Sorbonne. Second, at high school she met “her artist” Ondra Pivec, a jazz musician playing on the Hammond organ, and today…

Hana Reader

Regional HR Manager, Zentiva Group
“Perhaps I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t studied for an MB.A. at the University of New York in Prague," says Hana Reader (34), regional HR manager of Zentiva Group. In 2009, when she began the 18-month MBA program with a focus on HR, she already had seven years of experience in the field. But she…

Martin Pavlíček

Managing Director, Havas Worldwide Prague
“Some of the biggest benefits of studying at UNYP are the contacts one gains, and the 'mutually beneficial relations'. Not just with student colleagues, but also with professors. You meet people here from many countries, you learn from each other and this immensely enriches you.” Martin Pavlíček (35) first received a Bachelor of Communication & Mass…

Martin Trepáč

Director Marketing CZ & SK, Philip Morris CR a.s.
Martin Trepáč, Director of Marketing CZ & SK at Philip Morris CR a.s. Martin Trepáč is one of those admirable people that have their career goals under control. He figures that most of his success was due to “being in the right place at the right time.” In fact, there was no hard-earned achievement after…

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