Success Stories

Amit Grinvald

Head of Accounting and Operations at Keastone
Why did you choose UNYP for your Bachelor of Business Administration program?  I did my first semester of studies in the UK, and after that, I wanted to be more central, so I decided to continue my education in mainland Europe. I took six months off and went back home to China to take a…

Olga Mantilla

Deputy Manager of CARLO IV
Olga Mantilla is one of those people who never stops looking for new opportunities. Originally from Colombia, Olga began her hospitality career in the United States. The beautiful resort town of Ocean City, Maryland, attracts thousands of tourists from New York, drawn by its miles of sandy beach and vibrant summer festivals. A couple of…

Šárka Fričová

Director and Co-owner of BeeMedia, s.r.o.
UNYP graduate Šárka Fričová believes that real professional success is only possible if you choose to work hard and put extra effort into everything you do. Ms. Fričová founded the successful Prague-based consulting company BeeMedia together with her son Pavel. The company currently has two divisions: HR Consulting and Online Marketing. Within the HR division, they offer…

Anton Kozych

Investment Committee Member at REIT-CZ
Why did you choose UNYP for your MBA degree? I graduated from law school before studying at UNYP, and I got involved in a few businesses after moving to the Czech Republic. Although I guess I have always had this entrepreneurial mindset, I was lacking in theory so I decided to go for an MBA…

Dominika Janigova

PR and Booking agent of Ondrej Pivec
What drew you to UNYP initially, then compelled you to return for your master’s degree? It was 2003, and I was studying Biology and Geography in one of the most prominent state universities in the Czech Republic. However, I was unhappy with the way the learning process was handled: overcrowded lectures, nearly nonexistent professor-student relationship…

Adam Grof

Global HR Services Advisor for Microsoft
“Thanks to UNYP, I was able to build my corporate identity, stay motivated and do the best job I can do,” says Adam Grof, who now works as a Global HR Services Advisor for Microsoft in the Czech Republic. Six years before beginning at Microsoft, Adam was a freshman at University of New York in…

Jiří Sýkora

Investment Manager
“Everyday you’re exposed to so much information and data, you need to know how to process it quickly to make the right decisions. That’s something I learned at UNYP,” Jiří Sýkora says. As an investment manager at PPF, the Czech Republic’s largest private equity firm, Jiří spends much of his time analyzing and evaluating multiple…

Albert Ballardini

CEO and founder, Go Fit
“If UNYP hadn’t been there, I don’t know if I’d have done it,” Albert Ballardini says. “All the ideas came to me when doing the MBA.” In 2009, Albert was working as a paralegal at a London law practice called Anthony Seddon Solicitors LLP. Following the global financial crisis, he found himself working in-house with…

Radek Musil

Partner at Roklen Holding and CEO at Fundlift
“Studies at UNYP taught me how to see the big picture and structure my thinking,” says Radek Musil, CEO of Fundlift. “Thanks to the various topics covered in the Business Administration major at UNYP, I gained knowledge of different business fields that led me to where I am today.” After graduating from University of New York in Prague…

Jeff Medeiros

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Keastone
Jeff Medeiros, and his business partner Keith Adams believe that once you filter out the unnecessary noise of managing what is currently a digital tsunami–multiple emails, calendars, contacts, to-do’s, document/content storage systems–and give people a tool to manage their basic digital lives from a single all-in-one place, anything is possible. Jeff and Keith founded and…

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