Success Stories

Lenka White

United Nations Correspondent
"The university also offered robust international connections which were beneficial to my personal and professional growth later. For instance, I participated in the CFA Challenge competition, which was an exhilarating experience. This also added an impressive accomplishment to my CV, contributing to my preparation for further studies and career opportunities."

Matouš Hartman

Co-Founder at Lipa Care
"My time at UNYP was great. What I liked was the emphasis on practical skills (communication, public speaking, teamwork), rather than textbook definitions – not what a typical university in this country teaches you!"

Alexander Raiman

Founder and Partner at Saleshero
"UNYP supports ambitious people who are interested in building an international career, and if you want to make money, a UNYP degree is definitely a great help. UNYP students have two big advantages: they know a lot of people, and they speak many languages – including perfect English!"

Lukáš Šiml

Co-founder of Adwheels
"I remember feeling an acute sense of belonging, and the way that I instantly identified with the people I met. I remember the different languages, cultures, viewpoints all mixing together in one melting pot, enriching the discussions we had and shifting the opinions we held. Everyone seemed so eager to learn!"

Michaela Milkovičová

Global Foods Strategy, Innovation and Operations Manager, Unilever
"My classes were taught in small groups, my professors had a business background, and I had classmates from all over the world. I felt very humbled and honored to study at this prestigious university, so I tried to get the most out of the classes."

Martin Šimonek

"UNYP provides its students with a great deal of self-appreciation and belief in one’s own abilities. Thanks to UNYP’s approach and philosophy, and the way in which its highly-professional staff pass their practical knowledge and skills onto students, graduates enter the real world armed with the confidence that allows them to achieve great things. Having this degree was a condition for me to study in the UK, and UNYP made the process of getting enrolled at the LSE very smooth."

Marina Strekha

Business owner, MÁDO Concept Boutique
"I had heard a lot of positive feedback about UNYP and its instructors who are professionals with great experience, which I can confirm now. The classes were useful and engaging with interesting projects, which I really enjoyed!"

Pavel Bykov

Co-founder and CEO at IP Fabric
"The program really covers all aspects of business, so it provided a solid foundation to build upon. In some cases, the knowledge was absolutely crucial, especially in accounting. I’m constantly hearing comments from investors that they’ve never seen such pristine financial accounting from a company at such an early stage."

Nika Vavrová

Business Owner, Kus Koláče, Další Kus
"Many of UNYP’s instructors are genuine skilled professionals from the business world. Moreover, an international environment is always an amazing benefit for your self-development. I would definitely join UNYP or La Salle again. The Communication department is a great option for anyone who is unsure about their future career; I have ended up using my knowledge in hospitality, but my former classmates work in fields such as politics, the music industry, tourism and sport associations."

Steven Trottier

Director of temporary recruitment, TAG Recruitment Group
"During my studies at UNYP, I had a chance to meet and befriend people from all over the world. Even in our relatively small class, we had representatives from almost every continent!"

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