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January 20 2022
The people who surround you influence your mindset and behavior greatly. As a result, spending time with successful, driven or motivated people can make you more successful, driven and motivated yourself. This is one of the most important benefits of studying at UNYP: not only will you meet classmates from over 60 countries, exposing yourself to different cultures and worldviews, but you can also... Read more >
December 30 2021
In the region of the Western Balkans, donors and international implementing agencies have played a crucial role in supporting the development of independent media – i.e. media free from government, business, or political influences over editorial decisions. These are mostly small classic media outlets, such as local or regional radio and TV stations, but also include various thematically... Read more >
May 24 2021
The spring semester at UNYP is over, and you have a few months to enjoy life outside university. Those precious summer days will fly past unnoticed if all you do is sleep and stay in watching Netflix, so take advantage of the warmer weather to get out and start taking photos.   A student guide to boosting your photography skills  Photography has never been more accessible... Read more >
February 23 2021
  One of the first assignments in my new ESC class, Social Movements and Linguistics in Fall 2020, was for the students to find out and write about a social movement, consider argumentation strategies used, and to put it into a wider social and historical context. To guide them in their response, I provided them with some questions to address and, as an example, a short text of my own. I... Read more >
February 18 2021
If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, a respected economist or even an influential politician, The Wealth of Nations should provide you with a basic understanding of political and economic issues. The Wealth of Nations was written by the Scottish philosopher and economist Alan Smith and chiefly discusses Political Economy, which includes the relationships between governments, societies,... Read more >


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