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June 10 2022
The Digital Media Arts program at the University of New York in Prague will develop several essential skills and provide a vital knowledge framework for you within this specific field. For example, the combination of media and communication theory is thoroughly discussed within your studies, and you will upgrade your current skillset with critical thinking skills and innovative technical... Read more >
May 23 2022
Games, the Web, and Porn: A Parent's Guide to the Jungle of Digital Childhood and Puberty is the name of a new book by UNYP instructor Michaela Slussareff. Dr. Slussareff teaches in the Communication and Media and Digital Media Arts major, and in the fall will be teaching the History & Theory of New Media class. We asked her a few questions about her new book, and if she lives by the rules... Read more >
April 21 2022
The University of New York in Prague is introducing six new concentrations in partnership with the State University of New York, Empire State College, within the Communication and Media Bachelor’s program and the International Relations Bachelor’s program.   New Communication and Media concentrations: Public Relations Media Marketing Multimedia Journalism New... Read more >
March 16 2022
Communication is one of the most fundamental life skills, and underestimating its role in communication can have a marked negative effect on people’s lives. The communication process is not purely about talking; non-verbal actions are key for accurately delivering information. So why exactly is communication at the core of every industry? Delivering and exchanging information is a foundation... Read more >
January 20 2022
The people who surround you influence your mindset and behavior greatly. As a result, spending time with successful, driven or motivated people can make you more successful, driven and motivated yourself. This is one of the most important benefits of studying at UNYP: not only will you meet classmates from over 60 countries, exposing yourself to different cultures and worldviews, but you can also... Read more >


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