December 13 2018
When I’m speaking about what I do, I’m often simply asked “What’s the value of the SUNY Empire State College degree in Prague (or any location outside the United States)”?  Why would any student want to commit to all that work and a longer completion time? The SUNY ESC degree takes four years instead of the three years that the European degree takes—what happens in that extra year? ... Read more >
December 12 2018
Can you believe that the semester is almost over?! Are you going home for the winter break, or expecting your family to visit you in the Czech Republic? Either way, it might be a good idea to grab a few local souvenirs for your parents, relatives and close friends, especially if they haven't been to Prague before. You chose a fantastic destination to study abroad! Prague is famous for its... Read more >
December 11 2018
Your university years are not just for acquiring academic knowledge, but for developing new personal qualities and abilities to make the most of your character and interests. The University of New York in Prague offers a range of activities both within and outside the academic programs in order to maximize the development of student talent. Of course, sport is one of the most well-known... Read more >
December 11 2018
I see it over and over again – my students showing up to class in the middle of a personal crisis. Granted, I teach freshmen, so perhaps that should be no surprise. The stress and drama of adjusting to university, compounded by a seemingly chaotic world, without boundaries, defined by an amorphously digital existence – these things weigh heavily on my students. Yet, the one source of comfort... Read more >
November 28 2018
According to the latest survey by STEM/MARK, younger Czechs think better of private schools than the older generations. 2 in 3 respondents between age 15 and 29 appreciate a more individual approach and more than three fourths agree that studying in English gives them an advantage when searching for a job after graduation. Almost 4 in 10 people aged between 45 and 59, on the other hand, think... Read more >


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