October 17 2019
Over the summer, Drs. Audeliz (Audi) Matias (Associate Professor and Mentor, Department of Natural Sciences) and Sheila Marie Aird (Associate Professor and Director of European Academic Programs), began the first phase of their oral history project in Puerto Rico, which is funded by the 2018 Oral History Association Emerging Crisis Oral History Research Grant. The project is titled, “An Oral... Read more >
October 16 2019
Your university years are when you first start to grasp your own independence and identify your values and beliefs – and it is not unusual for students to experience dissatisfaction in the middle of the freshman year, with the dawning realization that they have chosen the wrong institution. Many students end up switching institutions at least once before earning their degree, but how can you make... Read more >
October 07 2019
We often hear business leaders and analytics express disappointment about the unfortunate gap between what students learn at higher education establishments and what they are expected to know to be job-ready. In an age of unpredictable changes and constant evolution in the job market, it is hard to argue that the traditional knowledge acquired during a university degree is still relevant. A... Read more >
October 03 2019
The University of New York in Prague marked the month of September with an exciting new collaboration with GEA College (Ljubljana, Slovenia) on the implementation of a new MBA program. Both higher education establishments share a mutual goal of training and empowering the future leaders of the business world, and for this reason the new MBA program is focused on the development of practical... Read more >
October 02 2019
The fall semester is a great time to begin your Study Abroad experience in Prague. The warm days might be over, but there is still so much to look forward to, as museums and galleries launch major shows, carefully curated over the summer. You have probably noticed the overwhelming variety of cultural events that this city has to offer, such as the Signal festival with its spectacular light... Read more >


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