Study Abroad In Prague Scholarships
July 11 2018
If you’re a student looking to study in Prague, but think you can’t afford the costs of living in a Central European city, we have good news for you! Each year, the University of New York in Prague awards 4.2 million Czech korun in scholarships to worthy students. That’s more than 161,000 Euro and 188,000 USD! If you’re located in the United States, the European Union, or farther away, here’s... Read more >
July 03 2018
Studying in Prague can prove to be the right career choice if you want to be in business in the European Union. Prague recently ranked as the number three city in Europe for the best brain business jobs, according to a study conducted by the Nordic Capital for the European Centre for Policy Reform and Entrepreneurship. Prague outranked other major European capitals such as Paris, London and... Read more >
Radek Ptáček gave an interview
June 27 2018
Are people prepared for sudden situations, such as car accidents or terrorist attacks? Psychologist and UNYP professor Radek Ptáček was invited by discussion program called Rozstřel to talk about dealing with crisis. According to him, most of the people either freeze or start panicking when neither of these options leads to a solution. ‘‘Preparing and training for a crisis can help you with... Read more >
Martin Carev at UNYP Gala
June 26 2018
Martin Carev, Czech successful influencer and YouTuber, was interviewed by Hospodářské noviny about his decision to leave Charles University and join UNYP community. He discusses his experience visiting UNYP classes and professors and that he appreciated the dynamic teaching style, current topics and interactive classes. Martin also already met some students and alumni at 20th... Read more >
Radek Ptáček
June 25 2018
They are manipulative, heartless and they know what you want to hear. Clinical psychologist and UNYP professor Radek Ptáček was interviewed by CHILI-CHILI magazine about psychopaths and their behavior. Radek is a court appointed Forensic psychologist and also Head of the Division for Education with the Czech Medical Chamber. Part of his job is to deal with psychopaths, who can sometimes be... Read more >


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