September 25 2017
On November 11th, the University of New York in Prague together with the UNYP Student Council will be hosting the next installment of TEDxUNYP. Following last year’s success, TEDx is returning back to the University of New York in Prague. The event will be held in three sessions each with five speakers and a prerecorded TED talk.   TED is a nonprofit initiative that focuses... Read more >
September 20 2017
I’d like to start with a quote from Paulo Coelho’s book, Brida: “Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong, my dear," said her father looking at the clock. "Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.” That’s an interesting quote, but what does it have to do with feedback? Well, think how many times you gave someone feedback, starting with the assumption that they are not up to your standards... Read more >
September 20 2017
The University of New York in Prague, in cooperation with the Tarleton State University and the Institute of Criminology and Social Prevention of the Czech Republic, organized a symposium entitled “Crime, Conflict and Violence in a Global Society” on September 11. The symposium was an opportunity for scholars to come together to reflect on the role that the different forms of violence have in our... Read more >
September 18 2017
You might not know it, but 21 September is known as International Peace Day. The day was first celebrated in 1982, and is meant to promote the concept of peace throughout the world. Many countries and organizations, including the United Nations, observe this day. You don’t have to study Intercultural Communication or International and Economic Relations to contribute to world peace. Here are... Read more >
September 06 2017
At University of New York in Prague, we love our students. And so we’re empowering them. This year, real students will be sharing university stories with the world. “We want to show people what UNYP is all about,” UNYP General Manager Sotiris Foutsis says. “It’s important to let students know what life at UNYP is like, and that we give them a safe and positive environment where they can feel... Read more >


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