December 21 2017
If you are the founder of a successful company, you are likely to have built up power and control in your company for over 20 years, with everyone around you relying on your decisions. For an entrepreneur, having power means having a sense of control, choice and the ability to influence, and it is a natural and healthy instinct to use this power to achieve your wishes and needs. For many... Read more >
10 ways to manage successful living
December 21 2017
How often have you found that you have 28 hours worth of tasks to accomplish in a day, but only the standard 24 hours available?  Do you sometimes wish there were two of you?  Do you sometimes find yourself "short-changing" your tasks, putting in only minimal effort just to get them done, even though you know you could have done better if only you had more time? In his online... Read more >
December 21 2017
While traveling to work these days on the metro in Prague, I observe rows of heads slightly tilted downward, gazing at mobile devices. The information emanating from these machines includes valuable real-time information, entertainment and erroneous tales that have been culled from existing data to satisfy some entity’s agenda. So-called “fake news” has become a lightning rod for the media, with... Read more >
December 21 2017
Graduation came and went. You passed your state exams, and your thesis was a success. Now you’re faced with a difficult decision: Should you continue your education with a Master’s program or should you enter the workforce? This can be a daunting decision to make and is dependent on several conditions including what you intend to do after graduation. To help you navigate this decision, here are... Read more >
young european council
December 02 2017
In October Brussels, the nest of many international and European communities, hosted two University of New York in Prague (UNYP) students, Jakub Malhocký and Daniel Frídel, for the 4th annual Young European Council (YEC). Both students are majoring in the International & Economic Relations program. UNYP takes pride in students’ extracurricular scholarship-related activities thus Jakub... Read more >


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