October 10 2018
The world has changed dramatically over the last decades due to to the realities of globalization, which means that Czech universities have had to adapt to this trend. Quite a few higher education establishments in Prague attract students from different countries – for example, at UNYP we have students from over 60 countries and professors from over 25 countries. You might wonder whether students... Read more >
October 10 2018
Floorball is the biggest indoor sport in the Czech Republic and is becoming more popular all over the world. While the game is similar to ice hockey, floorball players do not require protective gear – the sport has rules limiting contact, and is relatively safe. Floorball is exciting to play and watch, because of the speed and action during the matches, the quick transitions and the number of... Read more >
October 02 2018
Prague is a somewhat fantastic place to live and study. It’s also a great place to build a startup. As living costs are much lower than elsewhere in the EU, businesses can scale up quicker than in Western European markets. As the most prominent business hub in the country, Prague offers well-developed infrastructure and a fantastic location – close to other centers, such as Berlin (4-hour drive... Read more >
September 29 2018
What does your Instagram feed consist of these days? Fellow UNYP students, friends from back home? Your favorite brands and world-famous influencers?  Many people think that this platform can’t offer anything better than billions, if not trillions, of kittens, other people’s meals, and hidden (or not-so-hidden) ads. Although Instagram has all of the above, if you dig deeper, you can discover... Read more >
September 26 2018
Have you ever found yourself faced with an important task but been unable to focus on it long enough or well enough to get it done effectively? Does this happen to you too often for comfort?  Certainly, the occasional inability to concentrate is nothing unusual, but it can be particularly annoying (or even worrisome) if it becomes common.  Your school work can suffer, as well as any... Read more >


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