October 31 2017
Did you decide to give your career a boost and go back to university for graduate studies or an MBA? Or maybe you just finished your Bachelor’s degree and are continuing your studies, but also see the importance of getting more work experience for your CV? Whatever path you chose, now your university courses have started, you have papers due, exams to study for, and a full or part-time job to... Read more >
study abroad
October 31 2017
You were approved to participate in a study abroad program in Europe, where you’ll be for a whole semester taking psychology, literature, and business courses. You’re excited, but once your airplane lands and you settle into your student housing, it hits you. You feel sad and miss everyone back home. Everything in your host country feels so strange and confusing, and you question why you decided... Read more >
Join the prom competition
October 25 2017
Before their final exams in May, high school students have to  face a kind of social exam—their prom. In front of their parents, teachers and classmates, students try to put their best foot forward in one of their first steps toward adulthood, but this doesn’t mean that their high-school prom can’t be a great party for them to enjoy! This is why University of New York in Prague... Read more >
study abroad prague
October 20 2017
Prague is a city full of artists. Although not as well known for its art scene as Paris or London, art lovers who are international students here for a study abroad program will find a vibrant scene for local art. In addition to the more well-known museums and galleries, like the National Gallery, our city features hundreds of cosy art spaces waiting to be discovered. Here are our picks for some... Read more >
October 19 2017
For many decades, sports fans in the West have always (seemingly) rooted for the underdog to win against the odds-on favorite.  For the same reason, consumers often find the underdog more attractive than the category leader, a phenomenon that has been noted by Harvard Business School writers Professor Anat Keinan and Martha Legrace. According to Keinan and Legrace: “In the public eye, the... Read more >


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