June 30 2020
As enshrined in the mission of the institution, the University of New York in Prague is committed to forging a community of reflective, responsible, and tolerant individuals prepared to meet the challenges of an interconnected world.  As an educational institution composed of citizens of over 60 different countries, we acutely feel the urgency of the calls for fair treatment and equality... Read more >
June 15 2020
Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, personal safety has been a widely-discussed topic in world news. The global health crisis has developed rapidly since the start of the year, with governments and societies taking dramatic actions and making far-reaching changes. As the situation forces millions of students to... Read more >
May 20 2020
The University of New York in Prague has always been incredibly proud of our alumni. Every year we celebrate their achievements, and acknowledge and reward an alumnus or alumna with the Alumni of the Year Award. Our dynamic community of more than 3,000 alumni has made a significant impact around the world in business, politics, science, and public life. UNYP alumni change the world... Read more >
May 15 2020
Over the last few months, the University of New York in Prague has made great efforts in managing the transition from campus to virtual instruction. Considering the circumstances, and the serious nature of events, we did our best to help our students conclude their semester and maintain their UNYP experience, no matter... Read more >
March 28 2020
All over the world, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced higher education communities to promptly transition to a virtual model of instruction and operation. It seems that we are entering a new chapter in the history of education, with instructors and students being pushed to integrate technology more than ever. The move to online has also affected university admissions departments... Read more >


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