UNYP Certificates

By earning a certificate you can extend the scope of your education and gain a valuable addition to your professional career. Being a UNYP student or not, it only takes six courses to complete the program and broaden your horizons in an area of your interest.

How does it work?

UNYP Students

Your Academic Advisor will assist you in both finding the right certificate program and applying for it. A certificate is a great way to gain expertise in an area outside the main focus of your studies.


To apply for a certificate program contact UNYP’s Admissions Office at admissions@unyp.cz.

UNYP Certificate Programs

Department of Business Administration

  • Certificate in Management Studies
  • Certificate in Marketing Studies
  • Certificate in Finance Studies

Department of Communication and Mass Media

  • Certificate in Communication Studies
  • Certificate in Media Studies

Department of International and Economic Relations

  • Certificate in European Studies
  • Certificate in International Politics Studies

Department of Psychology

  • Certificate in Psychology Studies

Department of English Language and Literature

  • Certificate in English Literature

Do you have a question? Are you ready to apply?

Our admissions team is ready to answer your questions or help you with your application! Our team can also arrange a campus visit to meet our students and professors or sit in on a class.  If you would like the try the UNYP experience you can even be a UNYP student for a day.


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