American Bachelor Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar Spring 2018

Note: Please be advised that the Academic Calendar is subject to change. 

Jan. 19, (Fri)
Official Registration Period Ends
Jan. 22, (Mon) - 26 (Fri)
New Student Orientation Week Starts
Jan. 29, (Mon)
Spring 2018 Semester Starts
Feb. 02, (Fri)
Add/Drop Period Ends
Feb. 02, (Fri)
Late Registration Period Ends
Mar. 19, (Mon) - 29 (Thu)
SUNY/ESC Pre-Registration Period for Fall 2018 (SUNY/ESC students only)
Mar. 23 (Fri)
Withdrawal Period Ends
Mar. 28 (Wed) - 29 (Thu)


UNYP Pre-Registration Period for Fall 2018 (BBA graduating students only)
Mar. 30, (Fri)Good Friday - Public Holiday
Apr. 02, (Mon)Easter Monday - Public Holiday
Apr. 03, (Tue) - 09 (Mon)UNYP Pre-registration Period for Fall 2018 (UNYP 1- and 2- year students) 
May 1, (Tue)Czech National Holiday
May 4, (Fri)Last Day of Classes
May 07, (Mon) - 11 (Fri)Final Exam Period
May 08, (Tue)Czech National Holiday * Final Exams will be held on this date
May 14, (Mon)Make up Final Exam
May 28 (Mon) - Jun. 08 (Fri)State Examinations June 2018

Academic Calendar Summer 2018

Note: Please be advised that the Academic Calendar is subject to change. 

Apr. 27, (Fri)
Official Registration Period Ends, Summer 2018 Session
May 14, (Mon) - 25 (Fri)SUNY/ESC Intensive Summer Session 2018 (ESC students only)
May 28, (Mon) - Jun. 28  (Thu)
Summer 2018 Session Starts
May 28, (Mon)
Add/Drop Period Ends
May 28, (Mon)
Late Registration Period Ends
May 28 (Mon) - Jun. 08 (Fri)State Examinations June 2018
Jun. 14 (Thu)
Withdrawal Period Ends
Jun. 22, (Fri)Graduation Ceremony 2018
Jun. 28 (Thu)
Last Day of Classes
Jul. 02, (Mon)
Make-up Final Exams
Jul. 05 (Thu)
Czech National Holiday
Jul. 06 (Fri)
Czech National Holiday


Academic Calendar FALL 2018

Note: Please be advised that the Academic Calendar is subject to change.

Aug. 31 (Fri)Official Registration Period Ends
Sep. 03 (Mon)New Student Orientation Week Starts
Sep. 10 (Mon)Fall 2018 Semester Starts
Sep. 14 (Fri)Add/Drop Period Ends
Sep. 14 (Fri)Late Registration Period Ends
Sep. 21 (Fri)State Examinations 
Sep. 28 (Fri)Czech National Holiday (no classes)
Oct. 29 (Mon) - Nov. 9 (Fri)SUNY/ESC Pre-Registration Period for Spring and Summer 2019  (SUNY/ESC students only)
Nov. 02 (Fri)Withdrawal Period Ends
Nov. 07 (Wed) - Nov. 09 (Fri)UNYP Pre-Registration for Spring and Summer 2019  (BBA graduating students only)
Nov. 12 (Mon) - Nov. 16 (Fri)UNYP Pre-Registration for Spring and Summer 2019 (UNYP 1- and 2- year students)
Dec. 14 (Fri)Last day of classes
Dec. 17 (Mon) - Dec. 21 (Fri)Final Exam Period
Dec. 24 (Mon) - Jan. 25 (Fri)Winter Break (no classes)
Jan. 02 (Wed)Make-up Final Exams 
Jan 14 (Mon) - Jan. 18 (Fri)State Examinations


New Student Orientation

Mandatory for all new students. A detailed schedule will be released two weeks before the start of New Student Orientation.

Add/Drop Period

A student may alter his or her schedule by adding and/or dropping a course(s) with approval from his or her academic advisor. A student may drop a course(s) from his or her schedule without having to pay the tuition fee as long as he or she maintains a minimum of 12 semester credits. A dropped course does not appear on any official or unofficial transcript. Retroactive add/drops are not allowed.  

Pre-Registration Period

Students are strongly advised to reserve a seat in classes prior to the start of each semester. This is essential as classes may be full or chosen subjects may conflict with each other. Students must schedule an individual meeting with their academic advisor to discuss their course selection.

Withdrawal Period

Students may withdraw from a course(s) any time after the add/drop period but not later  than the end of the withdrawal period. To withdraw from a course(s), students must seek permission from their academic advisor. A grade of “W” for the course will appear on any official or unofficial transcript, indicating withdrawal. A grade of “W” is not calculated into the grade point average and thus, does not affect the GPA. Students who withdraw from a course are financial liable for this course.

Public Holiday

No classes are held on public holidays. Make-up classes will be scheduled by instructors.

Final Exam Period

No classes will be held during the final exam period. All exams will be held in the regularly assigned room unless otherwise indicated.

Make-up Final Exams

Make-up exams are designed for students who are unable to take their exam during the scheduled final examination period. Make-ups are granted only in exceptional circumstances (i.e. unforeseen emergency).  

State Examinations

State Examinations are required for all students enrolled in the UNYP BBA study program and optional for students in the SUNY/ESC degree program. UNYP State Examinations are generally held in January and June.  Students have a period of one (1) year to sit for State Examinations upon completing their studies. A schedule of dates and times will be available on e-Learning and distributed to all registered students approximately 10 days prior to the exam dates.

Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony will be held at Zofin from 17:00. Entry by invitation only.

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