UNYP Students Volunteer and Deliver English Lessons for Visually Impaired Children

The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) is proud to announce that our partnership with the specialized elementary school for visually impaired, Škola Zrak, has successfully been extended. This collaboration, initiated in 2023, enables UNYP Psychology students to engage in a meaningful community service by leading English Club lessons for visually impaired children. Further information about Škola Zrak can be found at www.skolazrak.cz.

This initiative was made possible through the efforts of the UNYP Career Office, led by Mr. Jan Kroutil, in cooperation with Ms. Talar Agopian, an instructor at the UNYP School of Psychology, and the student leaders of the UNYP Psychology Club.

The English Club at Škola Zrak, launched in October 2023, has seen two series of successful classes throughout the academic year of the 2023-24. In its 2nd part, from January to May (2024), 24 classes have been conducted, each lasting 45 minutes and scheduled twice a week. Typically, each class was taught by one to three UNYP “student-instructors”, representing the pool of about 8 students volunteering regularly. The lessons were attended by approx. 15 pupils to ensure the instructors could provide personalized attention and cater to each student’s individual needs.

The topics discussed included (but were not limited to): Guessing animals, solving riddles, reciting rhymes, singing songs, playing board games, guessing passwords, drawing, pantomime, and discussing fun topics such as Easter or things to do in spring. The school’s Deputy Director, Mgr. Ivana Stankovičová, has confirmed that interest of the children has persisted throughout the entire period.

This initiative not only enriches the educational experience of the visually impaired children, but also provides our students with a valuable teaching experience, embodying UNYP’s commitment to community engagement and inclusive education.

– June 3 2024 –

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