Career possibilities after studying English Language & Literature

Studying literature can bring many benefits, including improving critical thinking and exercising our interpretation skills. If you are a fan of English literature and want to take it further, check out our Bachelor’s degree in English Language & Literature.

The main study areas in this degree are Literature, Literary History, Literary Criticism, Language and Culture, and Applied, Professional, and Research Writing. You will be introduced to the history of English literature, and in this context you will develop interpretive and research skills, and learn how to interpret texts. If you are interested in further studies when you graduate, you will be able to pursue master’s and doctoral programs in Literature, Communication, Culture Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Education and Law. 

Many people find literature interesting, but what are the career opportunities in this area?

It is important to understand your future career possibilities after finishing your studies. Potential professions for English Language & Literature graduates include: editorial assistant, teacher (in primary or secondary schools, or teaching English as a foreign language to adults), lexicographer, journalist, writer, academic librarian, advertising account executive, or advertising copywriter. However, which one should you choose?

UNYP student Kseniia Doroshchuk currently studies English Language and Literature, and she has this to say: 

“After I graduate with a degree in English Language and Literature, I want to work in a book or magazine publishing house. Thanks to this work, I will be able to gain the skills I need to write my own book in the future. In this department, I have primarily learned to express my ideas correctly. I have also learned to be bold and not afraid of criticism, or of making mistakes in my writing.”

Of course, there is a wider range of career possibilities when you have a Bachelor’s degree in English Language & Literature. Finding a career with a bachelor's degree in ELL after graduation does not need to be as mysterious as a great mystery novel. At UNYP, our students can always meet with our career advisors at the UNYP Career Center for more guidance. Some professions are more obvious than others, but we believe that all of our students can find their ideal future career.

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