What benefits can studying Psychology bring?

May 05 2022

We live in a time of constant change, and we are not always mentally prepared for the things that are going on around us. Studying Psychology can help you to understand others, gain insights into yourself, and deal with emotions.


Psychology is one of the most popular academic programs worldwide. Here at UNYP, we offer Bachelor and Master of Psychology courses. Studying Psychology can bring many benefits to your life, including a range of interesting career possibilities. 


Psychology can help you improve your relationships with your friends and family. By understanding the basis of human behavior, you can find better connections with people, understand their emotions and be more open. However, it is important to understand that analyzing each individual’s behavior in detail is unhelpful. People interpret such analysis as a violation of personal boundaries – nobody wants to be constantly analyzed as an object!


An understanding of how the human brain works can help you in challenging situations. As you learn about how personality forms, you will better understand what exactly influences your behavior and reactions to the situations that are affecting your life.


Psychology studies will help you to improve your communication skills. Body language is an important part of communication, and Psychology is key to understanding it. With such an understanding, you can become a better communicator on both sides – speaker and listener. 


Finally, improving your communication skills can improve your social life. Being a good communicator can help you to find new connections with people, find new friends and keep people around you, therefore you will better understand how social interactions work. 


There are many interesting career prospects with a Psychology degree, including Clinical Psychologist, Counseling Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Developmental Psychologist, School Counselor and Health Psychologist. Find out more about career possibilities with a Psychology degree here


Studying Psychology can help you to develop critical thinking skills. The core and elective courses will encourage you to think deeply about different issues. 


If you are considering applying to study Psychology, you should talk to our faculty, current students and alumni at a UNYP Virtual Open Day. More information about the UNYP Psychology program can be found here

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