New to UNYP – Viral Video Production Class

This summer, students at UNYP were offered the opportunity to take an exciting new course, Viral Video Production taught by William Pattison.

Throughout the course students created viral videos for brands of their choosing, taking part in all aspects of production, including the creation of storyboards, video production, and editing. The real challenge is what came next however, the students were asked to make their videos go viral over social media, thorough various techniques taught in the course, to track and maintain growth before presenting final metrics to the entire class. The results were amazing. Over the course of just one week the videos gained between 10,000 – 90,000 impressions. The most successful was a video called the Haribo Jelly Catch Challenge, featured on the popular Facebook Page it received a whopping 70,000 views in only 24 hours.

Top brands around the world are using video advertising more and more. They are always after unique and entertaining content to grab the attention of new customers and to remain ahead of their competition. This exciting new course enables students to get creative and take away a great set of skills and an understanding of what makes a brand go viral.

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