UNYP-ISIC Student ID Card

Two cards in one

UNYP will provide you directly with a combined UNYP-ISIC card free of charge for the whole period of your studies, so you will avoid any administrative costs and procedures. Take care of your card – if it gets lost or damaged, you will be charged 200 CZK for a duplicate, unless you have a written notice from the police stating that your card was stolen.

The UNYP Student Card

Prove who you are

This is an identification card that is issued free of charge to all students who have enrolled in their studies and provided UNYP with a passport photo.

The card is valid for the current academic year and can be repeatedly extended during your study period with a re-validation sticker. Students are required to carry their ID cards when on campus and display them if necessary. In particular, your UNYP ID card allows you to:

  • verify your UNYP identity
  • access the school facilities such as the Library, PC Labs, etc.
  • get free access to sporting facilities such as fitness, swimming pool, etc.
  • use all of UNYP’s student services to which you are entitled
  • obtain discounts on buying goods or services from providers who have joined the UNYP Benefits Program
  • attend special events and activities organized for UNYP students and graduates

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

Benefits – and a lot more

This card is offered to all UNYP full-time students, both undergraduate and graduate, free of charge. Like the UNYP card, the validity of the ISIC card can be extended with a re-validation sticker for the next calendar year.

ISIC card holders enjoy a wide range of benefits and discounts on restaurants, shops, bookstores, museums, galleries, Student Agency transport, driving lessons, student banking, health insurance etc.

There is no lower or upper age limit for obtaining an ISIC card. The card can be issued to a student over the age of 26 if he / she is enrolled in full-time study.

The card can be used for 2,200 discounts in the Czech Republic alone (more information at http://www.isic.cz/) including the possibility of obtaining a 75% discount on transport.

Even better, it is the only student card that is accepted internationally, meaning that you can access over 130,000 benefits and discounts in 127 countries (more details at https://www.isic.org/discounts/).

Besides being an international proof of student status, the card provides the holders with access to myriads of benefits worldwide:

  • exclusive ISIC travel insurance for the price starting at CZK 300
  • shopping, dining and training
  • admission to festivals, events, clubs
  • season tickets in ski resorts
  • traveling - air, bus and train tickets
  • entrance tickets at world famous cultural and historical monuments
  • accommodation in hotels, camps and hostels

The most interesting discounts on ISIC

  • Vodafone – the student tariff #itisinyou for only CZK 499
  • Dobrovsky Books - 10% Off all books and other assortments
  • Alza.cz - up to 30% Off the selected products
  • Komerční banka - bonus of CZK 350 when opening a student account
  • DATART - entry to Student/VIP section in E - Shop with EXCLUSIVE discounts on almost every product

ISIC selected discounts in Prague

  • McDonald's CR - legendary offers for Big McMenu or 2x Cheeseburger with a drink
  • Xiaomi Mi Store - 10% discount on one non-discounted product
  • Gift shops ALBI - 10% Off on all undiscounted items
  • AQUAPALACE Praha - 1 + 1 free ticket, with every purchase of the introductory entry ticket to the Themed Event
  • FUTURENTO - 30% discount for entrance to FUTURENTO

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