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It isn’t all books and lectures here at the University of New York in Prague. Whether you’re an aspiring Messi, a budding debate champion, a star of the small screen or you prefer the life of the mind, you’ll find friends at UNYP with similar tastes. Here are a few possibilities.

  • Debating Society

    Club head(s):

    President: Diana Ghalib

    Vice president: Natalia Khozyainova

    Chief Administrator: Adina Zhantykeyeva

    The Debating Society is the leading academic club at UNYP. Although it was re-established in 2015, it already managed to achieve great success. For example, the members of the society have participated in the first Oxford Debate Competition held in Prague, and even won the second one.  Regular meetings are held in format of British Parliamentary Debates, we host workshops and sometimes informal debate meetings. The unique feature of this club is that it is always open to changes and new ideas. You do not only develop your public speaking skills and build up valid arguments, but you also get to learn quite a lot about various issues in the world. Students debate about the hot topics in the news as well as what is close to their interests. The Debating Society also collaborates with MUNYP.  In 2015 these two clubs organized a joint trip to the UN Information Center, it was a blast! For this year, the Debating Society has an ambitious plan to participate in international tournaments.

    For more information:

    UNYP Debating Society

    Facebook page

  • Model United Nations at UNYP

    Club head(s):

    Anastasia Latenkova

    Andrea Kramer

    Arina Rossikhin

    Jakub Malhock


    MUNYP has emerged as an initiative for creating a platform for young scholars interested in international relations to discuss global current affairs. It is the only conference of its kind for English-speaking university students in the country. Since Fall 2015, our club has grown considerably in size, with students showing dedication, passion and enthusiasm in meetings and their increasing interest in participating in domestic or international model UN conferences. In 2017 we will grow even further, by holding our first conference at the university.

    For more information visit:

    Facebook page

  • UNYP Creativity Club

    Club head(s):

    Shay Grinvald

    Aldisa Gusha


    The newly founded Creativity Club aims to let members experience, appreciate and develop each other’s creativity and is a platform for fresh inspiration. We hope to assemble a group of creative individuals whose passion for the arts and creativity makes them want to share their practical tips. We’ll be organizing activities that revolve around DSLR and film camera mastery, pen, pencil, and paint, as well as anything else we’re brave enough to try!

    For more information:

    Facebook page

  • UNYP Psychology Club


    Kristína Hamzová, Marlene Svela Øvrebø, Richard Pabišta, Adriana Štuková, Daniel Houser, Karolína Knížková, Lea Grujic, Jaroslav Krpec


    The UNYP Psychology Club works as an academic club with the aim to help our students maximize their full potential. Our club is open to all students independently of their major or year of study. We believe that with our help, not only will the students’ CVs stand above all other, but they will also be proud representatives of UNYP in many noticeable ways.

    • Club activities

    The Psychology club activities and events include: lectures with various professors and psychologists, trips to laboratories, clinics and museums. We also do fun events such as movie and game nights. Annually, the Psychology Club officers help with the International Student Research Conference (ISRC) organization: an event where students can present their own research. We have been cooperating with the nursery school Pink Crocodile and at psychiatric clinic in Bohnice or the National Institution of Mental Health in Bohnice, among others.

    • CASP and EFPSA

    As a psychology student, you can become a member of the Czech (CASP) and European (EFSPA) psychology student associations.


    For more information:

    Facebook group: UNYP Psychology Club


    UNYP TV serves as the main video outlet for UNYP students. It features video reports from the school and student life, party videos, promotions of UNYP SC and UNYP Clubs.

    Its goal is to provide the students an overview on the non-academic side of student life and enhance the UNYP Spirit. The club was established by Robin Nguyen in Fall 2015 and since then it has built the reputation of being a trendy channel that is currently even used by the UNYP Administration, mostly by the Marketing Department.
    In the future UNYP TV plans to expand its content to entertainment content. We want to include and engage as many students as possible.


    For more information:

    Facebook page


  • Communication Studies Society

    Welcome to the Communication Studies Society!

    The Communication Studies Society is intended to provide a forum for interaction and exploration among the UNYP community interested in communication and media issues. Specifically, the aim is to take issues out of the classroom and seek answers by engaging with the sources!

    We want to go places, see things, ask questions, and be permanently out of the box! What does that mean? Ever wonder how some companies get away with misleading advertising? Attending a meeting at the Council for Radio and TV Broadcasting can provide insight. Feel that journalists are contributing to negative feelings in society with their stories about refugees? Visiting major news organizations like CNN or Reuters and asking journalists could be a solution. Want to work at Disney? Google? Ogilvy? Our Communication Alumni are at the best companies and can tell you what it is like. Want to do some academic research to help you get into a good grad school? Let’s put on a conference! Want to meet communication students from other Czech universities and compare what you study? Why not set up an exchange and share ideas!
    Come to our meetings and let’s share ideas about what we are interested in, and how to go about taking our curiosity out of the classroom and into the wider community.

    For more information contact

  • LeanIn

    The fundamental goal of the circle is to stay connected with people who want to support and develop equal opportunities for all genders. The existence of peer groups such as Lean In is a great platform to empower and support one another. Together we can make a difference, whether it's in one life or many lives. If we "Lean In", engage and connect, we can find the success we're working hard to achieve.

    #LeanInUNYP is focused on encouraging women to pursue their ambitions, and changing the conversation from what we can't do to what we can do. We tend to connect current students with the alumni and work together towards change of the trajectory of women in our world.

    For further information see:


    Phone: +420777794064


    Facebook group


  • UNYP News Blog

    UNYP News Blog club that delivers first hand student news

    and does its best to entertain UNYP students through great content.


    For more information: 

    Facebook page


  • Humans of UNYP

    Humans of UNYP focuses specifically on interviews of inspiring people that are students, alumni, staff or in some way connected to the University of New York in Prague. We try to expand the journalistic potential of every student who is interested in journalism or report writing.

    For more information: 

    Facebook page



    Get into the best shape possible with GAINZZZ!


    We will be holding fitness workshops, have lectures about different kinds

    of training programs, nutrition, health and more!

    For more information contact:

  • UNYP Pineapple

    Club head: Natalia Alieva


    UNYP Pineapple is a beach valeyable club. We are having several games throughout the semester. We new members and team players each game and love when more students sign up and make a match! Keep updated by liking our Facebook page.


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