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The UNYP Student Council is a team of students. Its members are of different age, coming from different countries and backgrounds, studying different majors, but they all share a common goal – to improve student life at the University of New York in Prague.


  • What does the Student Council do?






    The Student Council of the University of New York in Prague is an independent student-led organization. They are here to represent the interests of the student body in student and university affairs.

    They take care of issues related to students, ranging from organizing social events, promoting school related activities, coordinating student clubs, dealing with student complaints, cooperating with UNYP administration, instructors and staff. They promote professional behavior in the student body by offering opportunities for leadership and community service.

  • Your elected representatives

    Get involved!

    To become a part of the Student Council team, you can participate in elections that take place once a year - new members are elected online by UNYP students themselves. Internal voting follows among the elected members in order to assign positions within the Council.

    Any UNYP student has the chance to become a Student Council Associate anytime during the semester. This is a program for UNYP students who are not members of the Council, but are eager to contribute to its projects.

    Our weekly meetings are open to anyone who has UNYP-related ideas, questions or recommendations.

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    For more information and updates, please, follow the link to the official

    Student Council : 


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