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Mission statement of the UNYP Writing Laboratory (WRL)

The Writing Laboratory (WRL), located at Belgická 40 on the 4th floor, is committed to helping students attending the University of New York in Prague to become better writers across the academic curriculum. The WRL works with students at undergraduate and graduate levels, and at any stage in the writing process. The WRL is staffed by trained academic writing instructors, who ensure that the best advice is provided to students. 

The Writing Lab tutors will guide students to all of the tools available in the library that will help them to successfully complete writing assignments. The WRL tutors will not edit or do assignments for students. Rather, the tutors will discuss the best approach for the students to take in order to complete assignments, so that students feel more confident about their coursework and projects.

As the University of New York in Prague is situated in the Czech Republic where English is not the predominant language, it is believed that the WRL will benefit students enormously. The WRL will provide the students with a forum where they can express themselves in spoken and written English.

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