April 27 2017
Have you ever wondered what is happening when you don’t get an immediate answer? When the person on the other side is just not responding quickly enough for you? Think about it for a second. Read more >
April 27 2017
Many of the great values of digital technologies (probably all) have a shadow side. My view is similar to Jung’s; I do not see these shadows as wholly bad, because they enable us to see the light. If we do not integrate the darker side, the lighter side will seem less bright. We need the instinctive, energetic dark side to benefit from the light side. I will focus on digital technologies,... Read more >
April 27 2017
“From today’s perspective, I am amazed at how I could once arrange a date with my girlfriend without a mobile. It seems so difficult and uncomfortable now, almost impossible. Back then it was not only possible, but I did not feel limited at all.” Michael, 40 Read more >
April 11 2017
In an article written by Alice Andryzková on March 23rd for Mladá Fronta Dnes, University of New York in Prague alumni, Tomáš Kubica, discusses his decision to pursue a career in business. As a young boy he wanted to be a bus driver, conservationist or a fireman. Many years later he decided to study business. "I felt that I could get more opportunities abroad, which proved to be a true... Read more >
March 27 2017
As an educator, I often have the opportunity to reflect on learning. It is my goal, and that of all my colleagues at the University of New York in Prague, to help our students to learn and be better prepared to face the challenges that they will encounter in their lives. In my role as Departmental Chair and director of the bachelor's program in International and Economic Relations, I interview... Read more >


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